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65-year-old man says he robbed a bank because he couldn’t afford the medication he needed

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Glenn Douglas Mower was charged with robbery after he took money from a Key Bank branch in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Police say a 65-year-old man told them he robbed a Utah bank because he didn’t have the money for medication he needed.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported Friday that Glenn Douglas Mower was charged with robbery. He is accused of robbing a Key Bank branch Monday in Roy, about 32 miles (or 51 kilometers) north of Salt Lake City.

Authorities say Mower walked into the bank, asked the teller to put money in a white paper bag and then returned to a nearby motel where he was staying.

Court documents say Mower surrendered when police asked him to leave his room, where officers said they found the stolen money in a nightstand drawer.

Mower reportedly told officers he had health issues, didn’t expect to live much longer, and couldn’t afford his medications.