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Social Media Manager

工作性質:兼職(適合在家帶孩子的媽媽) 工作時間: 彈性工作制(每天約4小時),有時需在美國紐約時間星期一到五早上 8點到中午 12點開會 工資:美元$500/月(約為人民幣¥3400),只需在家辦公 主要職責是管理/經營各類Social Media平台(主要經營WeChat和Facebook) 如解決微信版本的文章發佈問題,申請/經營微信公眾號 視頻剪接(可選) 此職位不要求base在紐約(只要能完成工作任務即可) 有意者請先瀏覽本公司網站,並完成以下三個測試,表現優異者可獲高達$200美元的獎金並立即錄用。 *合適者我們將與你聯繫,請勿致電! Test 1: 請製作一個有關“中國農曆新年”的視頻(可從下列視頻中截取材料/或從你認為更適合主題“農曆新年”的其它視頻中截取) Test 2: 請把以下網頁的內容製作成適合微信閱讀的版本: 最新勁爆消息:紐約市長實行全民白卡計劃 vs 特朗普“公共负担”移民新规 範例(供參考): Test 3: 請翻譯此文章:The Truth About the Urgent Care Center 請完成以上測試後,把作品鏈接和你的聯繫方式發送到郵箱: 如合適我們將與你聯繫,但請勿致電,謝謝!

Cigna Hospital List

This is a complete guide with highlights that we send out to our client who has bought the Cigna insurance from us.  We are a broker company like  (so we could have sold to you many carries i.e.  (IMG : review) (Seven Corners: review) (Tokio Marine HCC : review) We had sold them, don’t want to comments…

Aetna ordered to pay $26 million after denying coverage to woman who died of cancer

OKLAHOMA CITY — A jury has instructed health insurer Aetna to pay an Oklahoma City family $25.5 million for denying a relative’s claim for coverage for a type of radiation therapy the year before she died. The jury on Monday found that Aetna doctors didn’t spend enough time reviewing Orrana Cunningham’s case, The Oklahoman reported.…

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