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Important Money-Saving Tips for your Trucking Business

Cutting truck fleet costs as much as possible while still completing deliveries with maximum efficiency is crucial in running any profitable trucking business. Trucking companies operate on a very thin margin of error. With the almost unpredictable fuel costs, maintenance and repair expenses, cheap commercial truck insurance company premiums as well as the never-ending need…

212-484-9888 Hiring

安心醫保招聘 – (文員職位)有獎金,醫療保險,可申請H1B, 綠卡(文職需吃“海底撈”) 我司現正公開招聘以下兩個職位:社交媒體經理一名和文職人員一名 SEO /SMM 社交媒體管理經理 *此職位可在家工作 我們公司總部設在紐約市,即紐約市區。我本人來自馬來西亞的怡保。我以前曾經從事網絡開發員有好幾年的時間,而現在,我選擇了SEO。 本公司現正需要招聘SEO管理經理,工資預算為4萬台幣TWD/月(約為美元$1275),或者如果對於經驗豐富的SEO應聘者,可支付高達60,000台幣TWD/月的工資(約為美元$1912)。 *日常工作主要為: 負責管理外聘IT技術人員(如Fiverr) 最好懂得使用WordPress(解決網站問題) 創建SEO內容和社交媒體/平台的管理(如LinkedIn,Facebook,Instagram等)。 應聘者需要了解本地SEO,在Ahref,BrightLocal和GMB方面有經驗者優先。 *要求: 需懂中/英文; 無經驗亦可(如有相關工作經驗者優先); 为人细心认真,工作负责,積極主動; 前兩周試用期(無薪) 如有興趣者,請点击以下链接提交申請:(但切勿直接聯繫我們,包括通過微信,電話和短信等方式)   Looking for SEO Trainee, work from home position. We are based in NYC, that is New York City. I am from Ipoh Malaysia. I had been a web developer for a…

Safe Policies Insurance 2124849888 – Times Square

We wanted to give you a quick update regarding our company.   There are no big changes for us except the fact that we have quietly added a new office in Times Square in anticipation of the sale of the building on our Wall Street property. We have been working from the Wall Street office…

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