About Us

What We Do

With first-hand experience dealing with risk, we have come to know the value of good insurance. At Safe Policies, we know that not all insurance is the same. With so many insurance products and services available on the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed in deciding which insurance policies are necessary to have. We want to change that.

As a comprehensive, independent insurance broker, we aim to simplify and streamline the often complex process of obtaining insurance. Our insurance experts are well-versed in both technical expertise and communication, ensuring that you understand and are satisfied with what you are purchasing.

Safe Policies is built upon the pillar of customer satisfaction. We offer personal attention and dedicated service, qualities that are too often lost in today’s impersonal business world. Our major customers are individuals and corporations seeking coverage for a variety of situations.

Safe Policies has demonstrated time and time again its dedication to customer service, and to the overall satisfaction of each and every client that it represents. We invite you to give us an opportunity to both serve your insurance needs and prove our dedication to you and your business.

Who We Are

Nelson Lai is the founder of Safe Policies Insurance, an independent health insurance brokerage operating in New York. Our agency has been working diligently for years, filing through a wide range of risk protection options to ensure our clients receive health coverage customized to their needs and preferences.

(This agency works closely with both resident and non-resident clients, and offers services in both English and Chinese)

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