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Aetna NY Health Insurance Review – 2020

Aetna Group Health Plan

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Aetna is very strict with their deadlines. The 1/1/20 deadline date is 12/9/19 no exceptions.

* Copy of Binder check (original mailed to me at address below)

Crystal Newell
225 Wireless Blvd, Suite 200
Hauppauge, NY 11788

* Group Application

* Employee enrollment form & waiver (needed for all full-time employees enrolling or waiving coverage)

* Signed quote (circle the plan you want & sign next to it)

* Most recent NYS45, showing all employees at full-time wages, new hires require two weeks payroll report, owners require K1’s totaling 100% (only if the owners are not listed on the NYS-45, if there are, then this is not needed)

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