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Insurance scammer killed, well, not literally, but it kills your financial health. Since one of our clients got scammed back in June by these so call Agentra PPO plan that covers nationwide, all doctors & hospital for only $200 plus of monthly premiums per month, we posted the following article.

(See our October 2018 updates below)

Since then, the Agentra scam has somewhat died down as more people had known about them & social media has finally been put to good use.

That, however, had not deterred this evil insurance fraud. It simply just evolved like a Pheonix and continue scamming people with a new name.

One of the users from the web has found our article and decided to call us up here in NY. Enough of self-advertising, the important part is that we wanted to share this latest finding.

I don’t know what do Federal or State insurance investigators look for…

A quick search using their phone number, Yelp disclose the following.

Our October 2018 updates…

If you have never heard off or received any calls from Agentra, or maybe there have now renamed themselves to “National Health Enrollment Center”, I wished you will never receive any calls from them.

My first encounter with these evil companies due to a client inquiry. We are health insurance broker, we can feel the pain of our clients who are paying up to $3,000 dollars/month for their family insurance premiums.

Real Plan, Fake & Evil Scam Artist, here come Agentra & National Health Enrollment Center.

So when one of my high net-worth and high-income client for many years heard about these short-term health insurance plan for only $24/month, she got really excited. However, being a person with a doctorate degree, she is savvy but not stupid. She calls me up to inquire. There are really such plans, however, none of these plans are available in NY & NJ.

The state of NY & NJ are these states with the most expensive health insurance premiums premium for a reason. Imagine you can be covered despite already being pregnant, welcomed to NY.

When Was The Last Time You Have Been Cold Called by the Legitimate Health Insurance Carrier?

My answer is, not that I can ever remember.

Legitimate companies are like Oxford Health, Emblem, HealthFirst & Empire BCBS.

These are real carriers and in reality. You should consider yourself lucky if they ever return you call, let alone calling you out of the blue.

So my doctor client received a call many months ago from this company called Agentra Health Solution. They call to offer her something that is too good to be true. A true national PPO  with no copays & very low deductible. There are currently very few nationwide carriers offering these type of nationwide PPO that is costing over $1000/month with very strict underwriting guideline.

When it is too good to be true…

So when Agentra called up my client, she just couldn’t refuse and decided to double check with me. This originally happened in around May of 2018. My hunch feeling was, it is too good to be true, as I explained to her. Similar PPO plans are going for over $1000/month; $200/month might not even cover a single doctor visit.

I did try to do some research online for this client, and that may have triggered the float gates of spam call mania from them. I decided to start a conversation with one of the representatives when I heard the robocalls are from Agentra.

After a brief conversation with the so call center specialist, I was transferred to a “licensed insurance professional”. I have inquired about their monthly premiums and coverage exclusion. The Agentra representative told me that unless I currently have cancer(which will be excluded), everything else would be covered.

I then follow up with the more in-depth questions like doctor & hospital networks & etc, the “license professional” then quickly hung up the phone on me. Nevertheless, maybe because of my brief conversation triggered me being in their interested list, I had received up to over 10 calls in a single day.

screenshot of scam national enrollment center call

It has gotten so bad, we received close to 20 calls in a day. For a while, we even stop taking calls from non-NYC metro exchange numbers like 718 & 212.

It gets worse from here.

We are not sure if Agentra changed their name to The National Health Enrollment Center. This company even make calls from the 718, 646 & 212 NYC Metro exchange code.

There always call you with such sweat promise to save you so much money from expensive health insurance premium & all there really are,

A Scam Call Discount Plan by Agentra.

We are not getting into the details of a discount plan. It is perfectly alright to secure a legitimate medical or pharmaceutical discount plan to save money on medical expenses.

However, calling people up with the promise of a Nationwide PPO that covers everything for $200/month bait & switch is outright evil. Imagine yourself or your loved ones got scam by them, and be on hooked with a huge medical bill that can bankrupt you. This type of scam actually ruins the life of the entire family.

Other than these kinds of discount plans, there are legitimately short-term medical plan insurance plans being offered by a company like UHC. The largest health insurance carrier in America if not the world. However, these plans are not being approved by NY state, neither NJ.


Why are we writing this?

We are updating this blog & sharing this experience with our reader, in hope of putting these scam artist to rest.

We meet another client who demonstrates how scary this Agentra scam can get. She told me that she had Googled for health insurance information online. The latest so-called web innovation like push technology allows these scam artist to steal your phone number and resale it for money. During the meeting with her, I saw her phone got bombarded with calls from either Agentra or National Health Enrollment Center.

We have taken the steps to block each incoming spam calls from them. It has good results but we have not provided help to eliminate these type of scam artist for good.

How Can Scam Artist like Agentra still scam people after so many months?

Despite going full force and doing great harms to the people, they’re still got a 2.3 stars review from Google.  I just looked up their Google My Business (GMB) review here. I noticed despite having some many people sharing their horrible and rating them 1 star, there must have gotten their employees or buying other people to leave them some great 5 stars reviews. Hence, there have kept this con game for so many months.

Despite us writing in our previous article about the Agentra scam, next come theNational Health Enrollment center. My client has show fear of even searching for materials on the free internet.

Clearly, we were not the only ones being bombarded with phone calls. I realized by sitting tight and ignoring them is not the solution. Fortunately, I haven’t received many calls from them anymore. Maybe all those calls where being blocked by my Android Pixel phone.

However, there is something I wish I had done.

I encourage everybody to report those scam call from Agentra or National Health Enrollment Center to the State or Federal Government.

We understand the transition from ObamaCare to TrumptCare has caused massive confusions & chaos for the general public. That is why we are contributing our 2 cents here.

Why You Should Be Reading This– What Happens When You are Scammed

Cheap health insurance is a very tempting product, and it is not always a scam. In fact, you may even be eligible to buy a $24 short-term plan with nationwide coverage from United Health One. Although products like these to exist and are actually quite effective, who you buy them from makes a huge difference. We are writing this post to warn our readers of what could happen if they make the mistake of buying a short-term plan from National Health Enrollment Center, or any other insurance scam. During this transitional period between Obamacare and Trumpcare, there are new insurance regulations coming into effect. This seems to be the perfect opportunity for insurance scams like National Health Enrollment Center and Agentra Health Solutions.

Imagine you buy one of these plans from National Health Enrollment Center and are suddenly hospitalized for a new illness and are in critical condition. Your only solace is that your health insurance plan will cover your medical bills. However, imagine that in addition to being ill, you are hit with a huge medical bill– none of which is covered by your insurance plan. This can be so financially devastating it can lead to bankruptcy. At Safe Policies Insurance, we believe that health insurance scams are one of the most ruthless and cruel kinds of scams because they leave their victims both ill and in debt.

We are writing today to spread awareness of health insurance scams like National Health Enrollment Center. The results of these scams can be extreme and are completely avoidable. We’d like to encourage our readers to consult health insurance professionals before buying a plan. Trying to figure out which plans can be trusted and which cannot is certainly not worth the risk. By using a broker like us, you won’t have to pay any more than you normally would, and you get peace of mind in knowing you are not being scammed. Please feel free to share this article and help other avoid being cheated of their money and deprived of legitimate health coverage.

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