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Life Insurance for People with Asthma Using Fluticasone, Budesonide, and Symbicort

Asthma Life Insurance Rates– Leave it to Us

Finding a Policy Doesn’t Need to be Difficult
It’s not easy to find an insurance policy when you’re dealing with health issues like Asthma. Many insurance companies decline Asthma coverage, but at our brokerage, we are happy to help and will find you your most affordable option. Instead of trying to find a policy yourself, let us help you narrow your options. We are familiar with many impaired risk life insurance companies, making us well-equipped to find you the best rate possible.

The insurance underwriting process can be difficult when it comes to asthma, but it doesn't have to be. Each insurance company views cases differently, so let us do the shopping and we will find you the most affordable option. If you or someone you know is looking for asthma life insurance rates, this is the right place.

As an insurance brokerage, our allegiance is to you, not big insurance companies. We'll do the work and look through all your possible rates to handpick only the best and most affordable options. Although it may seem that you have very few options and are being highly rated, we can help you sort through an array of companies to help you find your best rate.

asthma life insurance rates

Here is how insurance companies group types of asthma:

Seasonal Asthma:  This only flares up a few times every year, typically with the changing of seasons. Medications can be prescribed and you can qualify for the best available rates– preferred plus!

Mild Asthma:  Infrequent attacks that don’t lead to hospitalizations and are treated easily by inhalers or oral medications can qualify for either preferred or preferred plus rates.

Moderate Asthma: More frequent attacks that will occasionally result in a hospitalization. This can typically can require steroid based inhalers or nebulizers. Some carriers will offer standard rates, but if it’s been over 5 years since a hospitalization and you are using medications on an “as-needed” basis, we can secure preferred offers.

Severe Asthma: Frequent attacks that regularly require hospitalization and is treated with medications including steroids. This is considered a sub-standard risk.

It is important to note that asthma life insurance rates vary greatly by the company you use. For example, for the same asthma case, one company may offer a standard rate, while another may offer a preferred plus rate.

Your Asthma Information

Before we can pair you with the most suitable insurance company, we need to learn a little more about your individual case. In order to do so, we need to ask a few questions concerning your current and past situation with asthma:

  • What is the date of the diagnosis?
  • What type of asthma was diagnosed?
  • Do you know what leads to the attacks?
  • How frequent are your attacks? During last year, last 2 years and last 3 years?
  • Have you ever been hospitalized from an asthma attack?  If so, date? How long were you in the hospital? Under what circumstances?
  • What medications are you taking? Dates used? Quantity? Frequency?
  • Do you currently smoke? Have you in the past?

No Medical Exam for Asthma Life Insurance Rates

If your case is not severe, we can secure you a life insurance policy without making you undergo a medical exam. While it is slightly more expensive to bypass an exam, it is an easier option.

Since we work with so many different life insurance companies, we have come to figure out how many of them work and how they assess risk, including asthma cases. If you’re looking for asthma life insurance rates, we can help.

Some agents don’t look into the details of your case, so they’re ignoring factors that might increase your chances of getting a good rating classification. On the other hand, we are specialized agents in high-risk insurance. As a brokerage, we are only interested in helping you find your best insurance options. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 212-484-9888 for some peace of mind in knowing you’re getting the best rate.