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Author: Nelson Lai


Emblem 2019 Health Insurance Reviews (Good? Bad? Pros and Cons)

Emblem Health Insurance Review – 2019 Revision This is our review for Emblem Health Group Insurance, for 2019. To view the latest for the year 2020, please click the link below. Click Here For (NY) EmblemHealth/HIP Insurance 2020 Reviews We are combining Public reviews from Google GMB (Google my business), BBB (Better Business Bureau), Public review from Yelp & our Broker…


3 way to get Medical Insurances for Pregnant Foreigner (NYC,USA)?

Imagine you can get health insurance coverage legally even if you don’t have a permanent resident (aka Green Card) status or green card in the USA.   Yes, that is actually legal and possible in the state of NY, or the second most popular destination for 赴美生子. This is Birth Tourism, coming to the USA to…

[Urgent Care Center vs ER.] It is a make or break on your pocket.

After I was in a serious accident myself, as a father of two, I can certainly speak to the unpredictability of life. Click here for the Chinese version With such unexpected events, often come unexpected expenses– like when my son slipped on ice and fractured his finger. After finally leaving the Emergency Room after a…

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