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Auto Insurance

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Car Insurance

Legal requirements (critical: each state requires motor vehicle owners to purchase auto insurance )

Safety requirements (key: providing protection for yourself and your family, as well as other drivers and families )

Cost requirements (key: cars are cheap, repair parts are expensive, labor is more expensive )

Is it Easy for New Immigrants to Buy Auto Insurance?

The answer is yes and no. Driving in a new country can be unfamiliar. There also may be complications with using a foreign driver’s license or obtaining a new license.
However, the process can be easy if you find an experienced insurance broker to help you choose the right insurance company. This way, you can ensure the best protection for yourself and your family.

Auto Insurance Underwriting

This includes Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. When the insured person is responsible for the accident, the liability insurance will compensate the insured within the insured amount. It will also cover the other party’s physical injury or any sustained property damage. According to the law, all vehicles are required to apply for liability insurance to get on the road.

Collision insurance

Mainly to protect their own car, no matter which side of the fault includes repair costs or vehicle compensation costs, but there is a deductible, more than the deductible portion, the insurance company is responsible for the deductible is basically from 50 dollars The higher the deductible to $1,000, the lower the insurance premium; conversely, the higher the premium. This insurance is not covered by compulsory insurance in any state in the United States, but if your car is purchased with a loan, the loan company may ask you to purchase this insurance.

Accident insurance

The loss caused by a natural disaster, theft, window glass rupture, earthquake, flooding, etc., can be compensated. However, there is a deductible. This insurance is not covered by compulsory insurance in any state in the United States, but if your car is purchased with a loan, the loan company may ask you to purchase this insurance.

Moreover, there is Uninsured Motorist insurance. In the event of a car accident, if the other party is wrong and the other party does not buy insurance, or the other party buys insurance but the amount of insurance is insufficient, this insurance can make up for their medical, rehabilitation or property losses. This insurance is very much needed because the other party may not have insurance or insufficient insurance.

If you are in a car accident:

1. First, confirm whether you've parked your car in a safe place, and then confirm whether you or the person
on the car is injured. 2. Call 911 at the scene of the accident and ask the police to help and write a report
3. Take a picture of the scene with your mobile phone.
4. Find a witness. If they are willing to give evidence, write down their contact information.
5. Write down the name, phone number, driver’s license number, driver’s license address, insurance information
6. Don’t take the initiative to ask for compensation.
7. Call you. Insurance brokers or directly call the insurance company to declare
8. Driving with no insurance is illegal!

Foreign Licenses

  1. Driving without insurance is illegal!
  2. China does not participate in the United Nations International Treaty on Land Transport, so it cannot issue an International Driver License (IDP). However, Hong Kong/Macau residents can change their international driver’s licenses. Taiwan and certain US states have a driver’s license exchange agreement. For details, please click:http: //
  3. Each State in the U.S. has different regulations. Please check your state’s latest driving laws before you leave. Some states require you to bring an international driver’s license and your national driver’s license, but some states do not. For example, a short-term visit to California, California, or New York, New York, driving with a valid Chinese driver’s license, and translation documents notarized before going abroad in China; if you are a long-term resident, no matter which state, you must go to the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Apply for your driver’s license from the residence state.
  4. In the United States, states that do not currently recognize many foreign drivers’ licenses, are Massachusetts and Michigan. In Texas, Arkansas, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Hawaii, Kentucky, Vermont, and Wisconsin, the AA requires a “national driver’s license” to hold an “International Driving License IDP”. According to the driving ticket (please check the latest regulations before departure, there may be changes at any time)
  5. Cars must be taken at any time: car insurance card, car photo
  6. Deductible first, other expense insurance companies will settle claims within the coverage