Cigarette & E-Cig Smokers

Cigarette & E-Cig Smokers Insurance

Finding a Policy Doesn’t Need to be Difficult
It’s not easy to find an insurance policy when you’re dealing with health issues like Cigarette and E-Cig Smoker. Many insurance companies decline Cigarette and E-Cig smoker coverage, but at our brokerage, we are happy to help and will find you your most affordable option. Instead of trying to find a policy yourself, let us help you narrow your options. We are familiar with many impaired risk life insurance companies, making us well-equipped to find you the best rate possible.
As a cigarette smoker, you may find it difficult to find an affordable rate and non-smoker classification. However, finding the right life insurance company that will look at your case with leniency can make a big difference. Some people say that you can’t get a good health classification or that companies may deny you coverage.
However, life insurance companies all view cigarette smoking differently. They consider numerous factors when determining your rating class. We are experienced in gathering pertinent information to help portray your smoking in the best light to insurance companies. From there, we are familiar with which companies are more willing to offer better rates to people who other companies may consider “high-risk” applicants.

We have high-risk experts on our team who can help you shop through all your life insurance options to help you find your best rate.

Occasional Smokers

You can get Preferred Best (1x max per month) or Preferred (2x max per month) non-smoker rates. However, you must test negative for nicotine in your system to qualify for these rates.

You can also obtain non-smoker rates if you use any form of smokeless tobacco such as if you dip, chew or use a nicotine patch or nicotine gum.

Cigar Smokers

Even if you smoke cigars regularly, there are a few companies that will offer non-smoker rates! We've written another article with more details on potential rates.

Marijuana Smokers

Although most companies will classify you as a smoker, there are a few that offer non-smoker rates for occasional or prescribed marijuana users. If you'd like to learn more about the status of marijuana in New York City, check out our blog post on marijuana legalization.

Cigarette Smokers and Life Insurance

If you don't fall into one of the aforementioned categories, you might find yourself scouring every life insurance company to find an affordable rate. To make things more complicated, each company has its own guidelines to the underwriting process when it comes to smoking. There's no single company that is the best for cigarette smokers. In fact, rates differ from company to company based on a number of factors. That's why you need an experienced agent on your side to help you shop all the insurance companies for your best rate.

Some agents don’t look into the details of your case, so they’re ignoring factors that might increase your chances of getting a good rating classification. On the other hand, we are specialized agents in high-risk insurance. As a brokerage, we are only interested in helping you find your best insurance options. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 212-484-9888 for some peace of mind in knowing you’re getting the best rate.