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How to find Cigna doctors? What is In-Network, Out of Network – Hospital, and clinic?

This is a complete guide with highlights that we send out to our client who has bought the Cigna insurance from us. 

We are a broker company like  (so we could have sold to you many carries i.e. 

(IMG : review)

(Seven Corners: review)

(Tokio Marine HCC : review)

We had sold them, don’t want to comments why we stop selling all of them except Cigna, but Cigna is the only company that we endorse for our individual clients. 

With the Cigna insurance, you can buy it to see doctors right away (you must call us if there is any pre-existing medical condition) or even use it to deliver babies. 

About Cigna

Cigna is an American worldwide health services organization based in suburban Bloomfield, Connecticut and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Its insurance subsidiaries are major providers of medical, dental, disability, life and accident insurance and related products and services, the majority of which are offered through employers and other groups (e.g. governmental and non-governmental organizations, unions and associations).

Cigna offers Medicare and Medicaid products and health, life and accident insurance coverages primarily to individuals in the U.S. and selected international markets. In addition to its ongoing operations described above, Cigna also has certain run-off operations, including a Run-off Reinsurance segment. In the Phoenix metropolitan area, Cigna runs a full-service staff-model HMO (health maintenance organization) with satellite clinics throughout the region, known as the Cigna Medical Group.

Cigna Global Health Benefits also operates under the Cigna Corporation. Cigna’s motto is ‘Together, all the way. The company ranked No. 73 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. On March 7, 2018, it was announced that Cigna would buy Express Scripts in a $67 billion deal and on August 24, 2018, the shareholders of Cigna and Express Scripts approved the deal.

*Express Scripts Holding Company is an American Fortune 100 company. As of 2018, the company is the 25th-largest in the United States by total revenue as well as the largest pharmacy benefit management (PBM) organization in the United States.[2] Express Scripts had 2016 revenues of $100.752 billion.[2] Since December 20, 2018, the company has been a subsidiary of Cigna.

Cigna-Express Scripts Merger’s A Done Deal

Cigna Rate

Below are the featured NY Cigna hospitals network & their associated providers

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Find Doctors and Hospitals

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Customer Care

Please contact our Customer Care Team prior to treatment. We can help you arrange your treatment plan, and point you in the right direction, saving you the time and hassle of looking for a hospital, clinic or medical practitioner yourself. What’s more, in most cases we can arrange direct payment with your treatment provider, cutting down the hassle and letting you focus on your health.

You DO NOT need to call the doctor every time, just the first time. After that, every other time will be all set.

If prior approval is obtained, but the beneficiary decides to receive treatment at a hospital, medical practitioner or clinic which is not part of the Cigna network, we will reduce any amount which we will pay by 20%. A list of Cigna network hospitals, clinics, and medical practitioners is available in your secure online Customer Area or you can contact our Customer Care Team for more information.

Your Overall Limit

Our plans comprise of 3 distinct levels of cover: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Your chosen level of cover is detailed in the table below. All amounts apply per beneficiary and per period of cover (except where otherwise noted).
International Medical Insurance is your essential cover for inpatient, day patient and accommodation costs, as well as cover for cancer, mental health care and much more. Our Gold and Platinum plans also give you cover for inpatient and day-patient maternity care.

Cigna Annual Coverage Limit is 1million for silver plan, 2 million for gold plan & unlimited amount for platinum plan.

The 1 or 2 million limits are per member, if a mother buys the plan for herself and 2 children, each member will have 1 million coverage under the silver plan.

Doctors and Specialist Visits

We usually recommend the adult patient to just get the core coverage and save some money by seeing the doctor and pay cash for your occasional flu and allergy visits.

However, for the family with children, it is best to include the doctor visits portion to your insurance plan. Children, especially those that go to daycare, are sick all the time.


Hospital charges are paid in full


This is the coverage limit (for prescription drugs) per doctor visits.

Local Ambulance and Air Ambulance Reimbursement


Transplant charges are paid in full

MRI, CT and PET Scans

› We will pay for the following scans if they are recommended by a specialist as a part of a beneficiary’s inpatient, day patient or outpatient treatment:
• magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);
• computed tomography (CT); and / or
• positron emission tomography (PET);
› We may require a medical report in advance of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.

Seeking Treatment

Cancer Care

› Following a diagnosis of cancer, we will pay for costs for the treatment of cancer if the treatment is considered by us to be active treatment and evidence-based treatment. This includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy, oncology, diagnostic tests, and drugs, whether the beneficiary is staying in a hospital overnight or receiving treatment as a daypatient or outpatient.
› We do not pay for genetic cancer screening.


Routine maternity benefit care (Gold and Platinum plans only)

I personally have a close relative that has gone thru IVF, got pregnant with twins & had 2 twin boys prematurely at 7 months. Despite this relative very well off background, I doubt there will be happy with the 250K dollars bill for NICU. I don’t really know what it stands for, however, I have heard the phrase NIC-U so many times, I just know it is very expensive.

So after my relative insurance paid out 250K to some hospital, I realized that when a couple is having twins, (via IVF or natural), the chances of premature birth is high. (add research later)

With premature babies that don’t have Medicaid, it is very important to have health insurance.

We just had a prospect who is delivering with twins next week that just call us up. In the past, no matter how high the medical bill is, you can still resort to have Medicaid to help you pay for this bill. However, President Trump has taken measure to close that loophole. We have heard that many foreigners that abuse the Medicaid system knowingly or unknowingly, has been banned from entering the USA for life, that might defeat the purpose of having a US citizen child to begin with

Maternity and childcare coverage is covered, but if you are not NY City, I advise you not to use this plan. There is another much better option for coverage.

Complications from maternity (Gold and Platinum plans only)

Homebirths (Gold and Platinum plans only)


New Born Care

Up to the maximum amount shown for treatment within the first 90 days following birth. Available once at least one parent has been covered by the policy for 12 months or more.


Well child tests

› Payable for children at appropriate age intervals up to the age of 6.
› We will pay for well child routine tests at any of the appropriate age intervals (birth, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years and 6 years) and for a medical practitioner to provide preventative care consisting of:
• evaluating medical history;
• physical examinations;
• development assessment;
• anticipatory guidance; and
• appropriate immunisations and laboratory tests; for children aged 6 or younger.


Child immunizations

We will pay for the following immunisations for children aged 17 or younger:

• DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus);
• MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella);
• HiB (Haemophilus influenza type b);
• Polio;
• Influenza;
• Hepatitis B;
• Meningitis; and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Health and Wellbeing

International Health and Wellbeing covers the beneficiary for screenings, tests, examinations and counselling support for a range of life crises and tailored advice and support through our online health education and health risk assessment, helping the beneficiary to take control and manage their health the way they want.
During each period of cover, we will pay for the following tests to be carried out by a medical practitioner.


No Referral Needed to Cigna

Customer Service Email:

Update Policy Form

*Policy can be modified within 15 days


*Cancelling your policy If you choose to terminate your policy and end cover for all beneficiaries, you can do so at any time by giving us at least seven days’ notice in writing.

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