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Oxford Benefit Management Application Forms

Oxford Benefit Management (OBM)


OBM was started off as a stand-alone company back in NJ.

It eventually got acquired by Oxford Health, and Oxford Health Insurance was acquired by UHC (United Health Group)

OBM provides employers with a unique selection of products to offer employees.

It offers a Nationwide PPO dentist network (with access to United Healthcare National Dental Network) & has a very low easy to join (minimum of 2 employees enrolled).

OBM  bundle these specialty benefits into packages that include

  • dental,
  • vision,
  • and optional life insurance.

3 benefits in one for a long price of around $30-$100/month.

OBM Plans

  1. OBM Basic Specialty Option
  2. OBM Preferred Specialty Option
  3. OBM Voluntary Specialty Option
  4. OBM Elite Specialty Option
  5. OBM Incentive Specialty Option
  6. OBM Premier Specialty Option


OBM Sample Rate

OBM – Elite vs Voluntary (Participation requirements)

Elite Plan: Groups enrolling in Contributory plans must have at least 75% of the active eligible employees enrolled, excluding those waived with spousal coverage (not to fall below 50% of all eligible employees).

[Check List: Employer Contribution needs to be over 50%]

Voluntary Plan: Groups enrolling in Voluntary plans must have at least 2 people enrolling to be eligible for coverage.

[Check List: Employer Contribution needs to be 49%]

*For orthodontia, an employer group must have a minimum of 10 enrolling employees. Orthodontia benefits are for dependent children only up to the age of 18.

Why OBM Elite? If you are eligible to join.

The elite plan is a great value plan, but the gating factor, which is 75% participation ratio is hard to meet. (i.e. if a small family with of 3 siblings, all 3 need to join before there can join the elite tier.)

The major difference between OBM Elite specialty option is that the coverage for Class III procedure is at 80% vs only 50% for the Voluntary plan.

  • Class I: Diagnostic and preventive services, such as cleanings and X-rays
  • Class II: Basic restorative care, such as root canals and fillings
  • Class III: Major restorative care, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures

OBM Enrollment Request

Click here for the application forms

Fill up the Employer/Employee Form (see below)

Most Recent Company Tax Document (NYS-45)

Copy of the Binder Check(Please see the sample check below)

OBM Payment

Please mail the check to the following address:

Oxford Benefit Management

P.O. Box 780867

Philadelphia, PA 19178-0867

For overnight delivery only, groups can send payments to:

Oxford Benefit Management Lockbox #780867

Wells Fargo Bank MAC Y1372-045

401 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Billing/Online payment

Your premium invoice will be mailed on or around the 10th of the month.

You can also view billing and payment information online by going to E-Bill at ww2.e-billexpress.com/ebpp/OBM/.

E-Bill may be a faster, easier way for you to access your OBM Plan billing information and make premium payments.

Dedicated toll-free phone number

Call OBM Client Services toll-free at 1-888-200-1154, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET, Monday – Friday, and follow the prompts. They can help with questions on eligibility, benefits, billing, and other administrative services.

Employees can also call a separate toll-free Customer Service phone number listed on their OBM ID cards or 1-800-521-9845.

Find Dental Providers

Below is a step by step employees can use in order to see the most up to date listing, without having to log-in:


Top right- “Find a dentist”

Location “NY”


*National Options PPO 20 (MAC reimbursement plans)

*National Options PPO 30 (UCR reimbursement plans)

Then search by name or zip

OBM Frequently Used Forms

Employer Enrollment Form

Employee Enrollment Form

Check List

Plan Coverage(Options PPO 20)

Plan Coverage(Voluntary Options PPO 20)

BOR Letter

Member Guide

Basic Life Benefit Summary

Vision Benefit Summary