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Empire BCBS Health Insurance aka Anthem NY Health Insurance Rates, Reviews, Plans Benefits. Doctors Search [2021]

This article is about our review for Empire BCBS Health Insurance Review ( Empire BCBS Group Health ) aka Anthem NY Health Insurance, it contains:

The comprehensive information of the plans pro & cons,

specific Plan Information,

how to Make Payment online or over the phone,

Frequently Used Forms,

links to locate or Find a Doctor and many more.

Empire BCBS Health Insurance Review

Empire Health Insurance Review – 2021 & Beyond


* Based on Downstate Metro NYC and Long Island

2020 4th Quarter Group Health Insurance (w/o Doctor Deductibles)
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Hello How are you?Emblem Doctor NetworkHMO Millennium (NYC)$535.30$629.43$734.94$924.84
Hello How are you?Emblem Doctor NetworkHMO Millennium (L.I.)$608.90$715.97$835.97$1,051.98
Hello How are you?Emblem Doctor NetworkHMO Prime (NYC)$626.62$735.96$858.54$1,079.15
Hello How are you?Emblem Doctor NetworkHMO Prime (L.I.)$712.77$837.14$976.56$1,227.52
Healthfirst-insuranceHealthfirst Doctor NetworkEPO$518.71$637.44$731.95$896.00
Healthfirst-insuranceHealthfirst Doctor NetworkPro Plus(Dental) EPO$536.86$659.76$757.55$927.35
oscar-group-health-insuranceOscar Doctor NetworkEPO$577.69$773.66$878.74$991.44
empire-bcbs-insuranceEmpire Doctor NetworkEPO$772.90$920.43$1,127.34$1,302.77
empire-bcbs-insuranceEmpire Doctor NetworkPPON/A$1,104.87$1,274.77$1,646.23
oxford-group-health-insuranceOxford Doctor NetworkEPO$579.35$686.22$825.15$981.69
empire-bcbs-insuranceOxford Doctor NetworkPPO$743.98$949.44$1,158.68$1,383.59
empire-bcbs-insuranceAetna Doctor NetworkEPO$690.10$758.32$931.49N/A

2021 1st Quarter Group Health Insurance (w/o Doctor Deductibles)

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Hello How are you?Emblem Doctor NetworkHMO Millennium (NYC)$590.32$696.33$794.54$1,004.05
Hello How are you?Emblem Doctor NetworkHMO Millennium (L.I.)$671.44$792.01$903.72$1,142.03
Hello How are you?Emblem Doctor NetworkHMO Prime (NYC)$688.64$811.37$921.57$1,164.14
Hello How are you?Emblem Doctor NetworkHMO Prime (L.I.)$783.27$922.87$1,048.22$1,324.12
Healthfirst-insuranceHealthfirst Doctor NetworkEPO$500.56$615.13$706.32$864.63
Healthfirst-insuranceHealthfirst Doctor NetworkPro Plus(Dental) EPO$518.07$636.66$731.03$894.90
oscar-group-health-insuranceOscar Doctor NetworkEPO$624.58$802.81$909.20$1,014.94
empire-bcbs-insuranceEmpire Doctor NetworkEPO$813.85$944.47$1,128.24$1,289.57
empire-bcbs-insuranceEmpire Doctor NetworkPPON/A$1,276.61$1,302.10$1,568.78
oxford-group-health-insuranceOxford Doctor NetworkEPO$580.68$677.48$826.19$982.85
empire-bcbs-insuranceOxford Doctor Network PPO$720.75$902.58$1,085.18$1,327.47
empire-bcbs-insuranceAetna Doctor NetworkEPO$591.13$709.32$863.10N/A

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Empire Health BCBS: Strong Provider Network for Small Business Group Health Plans

Empire  Health Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the largest insurers in the nation and actually consists of 37 companies. In New York, it has around 4 million members– almost half the population of New York City. Empire Health offers access to 90,000 participating doctors and over 160 hospitals in New York State.

Click here to read Urgent Care vs ER.

Since they are all independently operated, its impossible to give one review that applies to all of them. However, with its large variety of plans and coverage, we think it is one of the better insurance companies available. The Empire BCBS network offers coverage in the New York Metropolitan area as well as a few upstate counties. However, employees living outside of this area can still receive services using the nationwide Empire BlueCard Network. In New York, the biggest BCBS company is Anthem. For other large companies with extensive plans, see UnitedHealthcare Oxford.

About Empire Health BCBS

The Bue Cross Association and Blue Shield merged in 1982 to form Blue Cross Blue Shield. They then licensed their name to smaller countries all over the country. Some of these companies include Wellmark, Anthem, and Highmark. There is at least one Empire BCBS company operating in every state and Puerto Rico.

empire bcbs insurance

Empire Health Insurance Small Group Health Plans

As Empire Health is comprised of many smaller companies, they offer a variety of health insurance plans. These plans are grouped in 3 main Empire Health Programs: the Empire BlueCard Program, Blue Priority Program, and Pathway Program.

Empire BlueCard Program: This program was formerly called the Prism plan and is Empire BCBS’s premier health plan. It offers nationwide access to EPO and PPO health insurance plans for small companies in New York. BlueCard’s provider network includes over 85,000 doctors and 150 hospitals.

The BlueCard network is actually one of the largest provider networks in the US. Under this network, members can access more than 96% of hospitals and 93% of medical providers across the entire country. Furthermore, there is actually a BlueCard Worldwide Network, which offers international insurance coverage.

Blue Priority Program: Blue Priority is an EPO network with comprehensive coverage and access to doctors that participate in the Empire BCBS Enhanced Personal Health Care program. Keep in mind that like any EPO plan, there is no coverage for non-network doctors. Furthermore, members are able to see a specialist with a referral.

For small business owners, Empire Health requires 60% of full-time employees to enroll excluding valid waivers. (Valid waivers include Medicare, Medicaid, Spousal, Veterans, and Parental)

Pathway Program: The Pathway Program is an EPO network offers coverage throughout Empire’s 28-county service area.  Members of this program receive lower or no copays.

Within these programs, you have several plan options. You can choose from PPOs, HMOs, and EPOs, as well as Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHPs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

Since so many companies make up Empire Health BCBS, it is difficult to give a summary of their plans. It may be easier for you to compare plans by taking a look at our Empire Health comprehensive rate sheet.

Adding the Newborn as a Dependent

Check your contract or Certificate for details. In most contracts, newborns are covered for their first 31 days of life automatically. Typically, you must enroll your newborn within 31 days from the date of the child’s birth to continue coverage without interruption beyond the 31st day. Unless your contract or Certificate states otherwise, a newborn child of a dependent son or daughter does not qualify as a dependent under your coverage.

Empire Health BCBS Reviews

On Top Ten Reviews, Empire Health BCBS as a whole received a 9.9/10 rating. However, we mentioned previously, BCBS consists of many companies.

In New York, the biggest Empire Health BCBS company is Anthem. On Consumer Affairs, Anthem has around 2.5 stars. Most of its negative reviews are because of claims being denied. However, complaints like these often come from members overlooking provider network changes. On Best Company, Anthem has a 4.6 overall rating. They say Anthem is good for the types of plans offered, their member resource, unique features, and customer service. However, they also add that Anthem is not the best in terms of their limited availability.

Empire Health BCBS Contact Information

In general, Empire BCBS health insurance offers a large degree of flexibility and has a strong provider network. Before you make a decision, you may want to find doctors that accept Empire Health, compare Empire Health to other companies, and view their plans and rates.

Empire Account Balance Resolution:888-686-9814

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about any insurance carrier, don’t hesitate to call us at 212-484-9888.

Empire BCBS Health Insurance Plan Information

Empire BCBS Small Group Medical Products

Empire BCBS Small Group Product Guide

Empire BCBS Small Group Hospital Participation Listing

Empire BCBS Frequently Used Forms

Empire BCBS Electronic funds transfer (EFT Debit) for Small Group.

The Small Group EFT form allows the electronic transfer of money from your company bank account to be Empire BCBS.

Empire BCBS Online Payment Link

This link allows you to make payment online directly, hence saving you the hassle of writing a check and mail it. (Mail do get lost, and in the old days, we always have to remind our clients to cover up the check). Mail with checks tends to misplace most often.

Empire BCBS Employee Enrollment Form

The is the form that requires 2 signatures. One from the Employer, or Employer representative. It can be the HR or group benefits administrator. For multi-partner employers group, By signing this form, it allows Empire BCBS to electronically debit money from your company bank account, hence saving the hassle of forgetting to make payment & check to mail.

Empire BCBS Employer Group Form

This form is used for identifying the Employer Group Information, the Tax ID, Name & Address must match the information on the NYS-45. The NYS-45 Tax Form is almost always required for new group enrollment, except where the group aka company was established less than 3 months ago, hence, have no time to file the NY State mandated employee worker comp & unemployment insurance form.

If you have a group of multiple owners, please CONTACT US to discuss.

Empire BCBS New Business Checklist

Empire Authorization for Electronic Check/ACH via Telephone Request

Empire BCBS Waiver Form

This is complicated, NY has a 60% participation Ratio

Small Group Employer Benefit Plan Change Form

Empire BCBS Add/Change Member Form

This form is used to add a newborn, a newly wedded spouse, dropped a divorce souse & etc

The cancellation needed to be done 30 days ahead of time

For other not commonly used forms for Empire BCBS Health Insurance, click here

Empire BCBS BOR Letter

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