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2021 New York Essential Plan Income Guideline

President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan aka on his 50th day in office

The Biden White Card/White Card for All/White Card for All/free health care for all.

This is one of the most significant, complex, and difficult accomplishments of any new administration in U.S. history.

It’s completely status neutral-universal free health care is nothing like it used to be.

This Biden White Card is nothing like the old White Card, it’s completely status-neutral and the public The burden is completely irrelevant.

All you need to do is meet the income requirements for tax filing. (See below for details)

Assets are completely out of the question.

Why should I join now?

If someone has taken PPP Enterprise Relief Fund, you will clearly remember that at the beginning, anyone could apply at will without evidence

But soon after, there were several cases of cheating the government to get the relief money, and one of the more well-known ones was fraudulent use of $7 million in corporate relief money to buy luxury cars and live in luxury homes and fraudulent use of $7 million in corporate relief money to buy luxury cars and live in luxury homes. The case of fraudulent use of $20 million in corporate relief money. This is undoubtedly an act that has made the U.S. government “look bad,” and such behavior should indeed be resisted and severely punished. U.S. policy is usually lenient at first, believing that people are conscious and honest, but once fraud is discovered, all applications become much more rigorous and difficult.

The American democracy is often reflected in the fact that before this restriction is in place, if you have already participated, it will not affect your eligibility for future participation. I think you see what I mean when I say this, and you know why you need to apply now!

“Watch” Biden’s 2021 U.S. Rescue Plan (Free Health Care Are You Eligible?)

Enrollment through New York State Health Insurance Marketplace could lead to more tax relief this year

“The American Rescue Plan,” signed into law on March 11, 2021, is now available through the New York State Health Insurance Marketplace (NY State of Health), New Yorkers who purchase health insurance through the New York State Health Insurance Marketplace (NY State of Health) will now receive an increased tax credit.

The New York State Health Insurance Marketplace announced that the tax credit will provide new and expanded financial assistance to help lower health care costs for people insured through the New York Health Insurance Marketplace. This new and expanded assistance is available to exist enrollees and new enrollees, including higher-income individuals who qualify for coverage.

“Click to see” New York White Card facts</a

This means that New Yorkers with moderate or low incomes can now get more tax breaks when they buy health insurance.

People who are already insured through the NY State of Health will receive a notice informing them to update their information by logging on to the NY State of Health website, calling, or contacting a certified health insurance facilitator.

Enrollees who update their enrollment in April will receive a premium receipt that will show the reduced premium amount starting in May.

Starting in June, the New York State Health Insurance Marketplace will apply these stronger tax credits to current enrollees without requiring any action on the part of the enrollee. Enrollees can make changes by logging into their NY State of Health account, contacting Health Insurance Customer Service, or calling the Health Insurance Marketplace hotline at 1- 8555-355-5777.

What is the New York White Card?

“New York White Card” (Medicaid in New York State)

It is the first among major insurance companies in the United States such as Health, Security</a >, United Oxford,< a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Oscar provides medical insurance The plan is to be handled by different insurance companies appointed by the government.

Other states’ information on white card application (available Click Here to view)

What benefits does the New York White Card include?

The federal government stipulates that some Medicaid must be reimbursed for medical service items (Mandatory Benefits), including:

In addition, each state can also decide on its own whether to extend Medicaid’s medical benefits (basically covering all the most expensive treatments,Breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ), covering prescription drugs, dentistry, ophthalmology and other services.

” Click to see “Causes, symptoms, treatment information of breast cancer

White card benefits in New York include regular check-ups, immunizations, doctor and clinic visits, related medical supplies and equipment, laboratory tests and X-rays, vision, dentistry, nursing home services, hospitalizations, emergencies and prescriptions.

The white card can be used as the primary medical insurance. If the beneficiary of the white card has other medical insurance at the same time, the white card will be used as a supplement to the secondary medical insurance to pay for some expenses not reimbursed by other medical insurances, such as deductible, copay, coinsurance, etc.

Medicaid medical insurance provides comprehensive coverage, including hospital medical care, doctor outpatient services, medical laboratory examinations, maternal and child health care, preventive medical care, home care and other medical services required in daily life. Medical insurance varies from state to state.

Each state has its own Medicaid program and has a different name. This article will introduce the white card application requirements of each state in the United States. For example, California’s Medicaid insurance is called Medi-Cal. You can apply for Medicaid medical insurance at any time of the year. There is no time limit.

Common Types of White Cards in New York State

New York White Card Application Conditions (2021 Income Standard)

Generally speaking, applicants for a white card must have U.S. citizenship or permanent resident (green card) status. New immigrants may need to reside in the United States for 5 years before applying for a white card. However, many places have relaxed restrictions; in addition, non-citizens under certain conditions Or non-green card status may also be eligible for application, such as pregnancy, or need for emergency medical services (Emergency Medicaid), etc.

In addition to status, applying for Medicaid mainly depends on family income and property. The standards set by each state may vary. Generally, if income does not exceed 138% of the FPL (Federal Poverty Level), it meets the eligibility for the white card income standard. 18 The white card application standards for children aged or below and pregnant women may be more relaxed.

Income eligibility depends on your revised adjusted gross income (MAGI), which is your taxable income plus certain deductions. These deductions include non-taxable social security benefits, personal pensions, and tax-free interest. For most people, MAGI is the same or very close to your adjusted taxable income, which you can find on your tax return. The specific income requirement in U.S. dollars rises with the size of your family.

Our guide focuses on adults in each state. Most are only applicable to state residents, US citizens, permanent residents or legal immigrants (of course there are exceptions).

“Click to see” comprehensively analyzes “public charge” Does the white card affect the green card?

(1) New York White Card Income Limit. This is a New York low-income household standard plan for applicants aged 19-64: the total family income is below 138% of the federal poverty line

(2) Asset restrictions, for the elderly, blind or handicapped people over 65 years of age: you can have a set of real estate (and other invaluable personal items) and a car, the life insurance/pre-mortem contract value does not exceed $1500, and other assets include names Under the bank deposits and stocks, etc. do not exceed $2000 (the upper limit for couples is $3000).

(3) Others: SSI (social security subsidy) beneficiaries, pregnant women, people with disabilities, nursing home residents, breast cancer or cervical cancer diagnosed with cancer, etc.

2021 New York White Card Income Standard-2021 Federal Poverty Level

The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ACA” passed in 2010 will revise and expand the eligibility of the Medicaid program from 2014.

According to the written law, states wishing to participate in the Medicaid program will be required to allow people with incomes up to 133% of the poverty line to be eligible for insurance, including adults without dependent children.

The federal government will pay 100% of Medicaid eligibility extension fees in 2014, 2015 and 2016; 95% in 2017, 94% in 2018, 93% in 2019, and 90% in 2020 and subsequent years %.

The picture below shows the federal poverty line standards for 2021:


But in fact, for people in different situations or at different ages, the income standards are even more subdivided into different% ranges.

Here we sort out the specific income standards for different situations for everyone:

2021 New York Semi-White Card Adult Income Standard (138% Federal Poverty Level)

*19-64-year-old singles or couples without children income standard:

*For the elderly (over 65 years old), there is another set of application standards and conditions. For details, please refer to the introduction below.

2021 New York semi-white card pregnant and infant income standards (223% Federal Poverty Level)

*Income standard for babies under 1 year old and pregnant women:

2021 New York Semi-White Card Children’s Income Standard (154% Federal Poverty Level)

*Children aged 1-18: 154% FPL


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How much New York income can I apply for White Card Medicaid

In addition to referring to the family size and income range mentioned above, you can also refer to official website to check whether you meet the white card Medicaid income standards.

Almost every state has multiple Medicaid programs. In addition to the white card, New York State also has a medical insurance subsidy program exclusively used by New York, so non-New York State residents cannot use it.

This plan is called the “New York State Special Relief Medical Insurance Plan”. For a detailed description of this plan, please refer to “New York State Special Relief Medical Insurance Plan“, this is a Medicaid plan, a type of personal health plan, only $20 premium, you can get medical protection.

This is not a white card, but a supplementary plan to protect low-income people. However, it falls below the income range of the New York Special Relief Program, which means it belongs to the white card income standard. (The following is an introduction to the income of the New York Special Relief Program and the income range of free medical insurance)

A medical insurance plan suitable for citizens/non-citizens (New York Green Card Insurance)

There are so many tips and information about the white card. In fact, if you are already a citizen, there is no problem with the white card!

However, if you are a non-citizen (such as a green card or applying for status), or a work visa and student visa, you can choose to apply for New York State Special Relief Medical Insurance Plan or group medical insurance.

The content of this special relief plan will be introduced below.

New York State’s free/cheap health insurance plan (low-income standard)

“Click for detailed plan introduction” New York State Special Relief Plan

According to the income guidelines in the above table, as long as the income range standards corresponding to the family size are met, you are eligible to participate in this subsidy program. Note that this program is funded by the New York State government and will not be reported to the federal government in principle. New policies are introduced and tightened one by one. In the future, whether this plan will be included in the “subsidy category” or “public charge” is up to you to judge. We are just insurance brokers and dare not to deal with various policies. Jump to the conclusion. Only for objective analysis, for your reference!

This plan is only suitable for use in New York State. The plan includes the following features:
-Can participate anytime
-Cover all medical items

What is the maximum income for getting free medical insurance in New York State?

For individuals, the maximum income is $24,280;

For a family of two, the maximum income is $32,920;

For a family of three, the maximum income is $41,560;

For a family of four, the maximum income is $50,200;

For every additional family member, the annual income will increase by $8,640;

You need to stay at or below 200% of the federal poverty level to get cheap/free medical services.

“Click” to fill out the New York State Special Relief Program Application Form online

“Cheap/free New York State’s Special Relief Program“Excluding public charge does not affect adjustment of status

The premium of this plan can be as low as $0 but it is not included in the public charge. Unlike the white card/medical aid, it will not affect the green card or status conversion, but this plan is only applicable to New York State!

Starting from February 24, the new public charge rules will be implemented. From this date onwards, anyone who has received benefits from the federal government has been defined as a “public charge.”

However, the New York State Special Relief Program is a subsidy program provided by the New York State Government, not a federal government subsidy program. So for the time being (when no further clarification and updates have been received from the government), the New York State Special Relief Program is not a public charge.

The New York State Government “NY State of Health” (NY State of Health) is holding a health insurance consultation meeting, which will be introduced, New York State Special Relief Program is not within the scope of the Federal Public Charge, and a premium of 0 yuan does not affect the adjustment of immigration status.

Chen Minmin, a Chinese official, introduced the 2020 New York State Health Insurance Market registration and benefits. According to Chen Minmin, since 2013, the number of uninsured people in New York State has decreased by 1 million, and more than 4.8 million New York State residents have purchased health insurance through the exchange market. Medicaid, child health insurance, this plan can be insured throughout the year.

The New York State Special Relief Program has many benefits

Individuals and families whose income is between 138% and 200% of the poverty line recommend the “New York State Special Relief Program.” He said that the monthly premium of the “New York State Special Relief Program” can be as low as $0, but unlike the white card, it is not included in the scope of public charge, so even if it is like a white card, there is no monthly fee, but it will not affect it. Adjust immigration status.

In addition, anyone with legal status can apply for insurance. The so-called “legal status” not only refers to green cards and citizens, but also people who are in the process of applying for immigration status (for example, when applying for political asylum while waiting).

The monthly premium is 20 yuan or free, and the insurance is open throughout the year; it includes ten basic medical services; there is no annual deductible; there is no concern about public burdens.

Objects used by the New York State Special Relief Program

Applicable objects are: individuals aged 19 to 64 years old; individuals who meet the income requirements and are not eligible for a white card (Medicaid) or child health plan; individuals and families who are not eligible for employers and other insurance benefits.

There are ten major medical services, including: free preventive treatment, prescription drugs, outpatient services, hospitalization, emergency services, laboratory and imaging, mental health and substance abuse disease services, rehabilitation and rehabilitation services, maternal and child care, health and chronic disease management service.

Income ceiling: You can look back at the detailed introduction of “Income Standards for Age/Identity Situation” above.

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How to apply for the New York White Card (New York White Card Application Process)

There is no specific time limit for the white card application. You can apply at any time of the year. Most white card benefits take effect immediately after approval, and some emergency white cards can even retrospectively apply for medical expense reimbursement for a period of time before the application, depending on the state.

In Register an account, fill in personal, family, and income information applications like you would normally purchase medical insurance at the Marketplace. If the Marketplace finds that your situation is in line with Medicaid Eligibility, your information will be transferred to the relevant department in the state, and the department that manages Medicaid in the state will contact you. Some states can apply directly online at the State Marketplace.

Apply directly to the state’s Medicaid management agency (by mail or in person), you can go to HealthCare. gov Check the Medicaid official website or contact information of each state:

How to check Medicaid official website

If you are eligible for Medicaid, you can apply through your state’s Medicaid website or (Medicare Marketplace) at any time throughout the year.

If you apply for Medicaid through and are eligible, the federal government will notify your state agency, which will contact you about your registration. The state usually allows you to apply by mail, fax or directly to the local government office to apply in person.

Documents required to apply for the New York White Card

  • Identity documents: proof of age, place of residence, citizenship, green card status, etc.;
  • Income and asset certification documents: Proof of personal property such as salary income, bank accounts, retirement savings accounts, etc.;
  • Need to explain the daily expenses, such as rent or mortgage payment, real estate tax, utility bills, etc.

The states have 45 days to process Medicaid applications. If it is a disabled person, there are 90 days. If you are not eligible for Medicaid, you can get subsidized health insurance through However, only certain special circumstances allow you to apply for a subsidized health care plan during the closed period (the open period is from November 1 to December 15 each year)

If you are not eligible for Medicaid, we will provide more information, as well as the medical insurance alternatives listed at the end of this article, for those who are unable to receive Medicaid or are eligible for a/special participation opportunity. But first, please review your state’s major programs, eligibility requirements, and application process.

The consequences of “click to see” deceiving the white card

Where can I apply for the New York White Card-depending on which category you belong to

Those who apply in the New York State Department of Health (Marketplace, NY State of Health) include: adults between the ages of 19 and 64 who do not meet the conditions for applying for a red and blue card (Medicare, called health care), pregnant women, and Babies, children under 18 years old, etc.

The following groups of people should apply to the local Social Security Bureau: individuals 65 years and older, blind people, people with disabilities, emergency or special care instructions, Medicare Savings Program, and staff who take care of the disabled; Foster youth; adult homes and nursing homes (adult homes and nursing homes); community centers such as the Office of Mental Health (OMH) management.

The category of application materials also depends on the category in the application, whether adjusted adjusted gross income meets the requirements of (modified adjusted gross income, referred to as MAGI).

The MAGI group includes pregnant women, babies and children under 19, parents without children (not pregnant, 19-64 years old, no red and blue cards, certified disabled people but no red and blue cards), family planning welfare projects, adoption care Children. If you meet the requirements of this group, you have to apply to the New York State Department of Health, and you may have to prove your family’s income for the next year. If the income you provide does not match the income of the database, you need to provide income documents. Your citizenship or immigration status and social security number must be verified by a federal database. If it does not match, you must provide documentary proof.

The non-MAGI category includes: people 65 years and older (without parents and nursing relatives, blind or disabled persons who do not meet the conditions of the MAGI group), unemployment insurance (COBRA), health care savings plan, AIDS health insurance plan Painting and caring for disabled workers, white card cancer treatment projects, adult homes and nursing home residents, community centers managed by the Mental Health Office. If you meet this category of conditions, and you are a US citizen (born in the continental United States or in its territories), you must provide a social security number, and the Social Security Administration will verify your social security number, date of birth, and citizenship. If the Social Security Administration confirms this information, you do not need to provide further information.

However, the Social Security Administration cannot verify the birth information of naturalized citizens. You need to provide a certificate of naturalization (N-550 or N-570) or a U.S. passport. The information provided includes naturalization certificate or immigration status, proof of age (birth certificate), salary stubs for the last four weeks (if there is a job), proof of income (social security, retirement benefits, retirement benefits, unemployment insurance benefits, child support) , Bank account and insurance account, etc. (if 65 years old and above, blind or disabled, applying for nursing home exemption services, long-term care services), proof of residence (rent receipt, homeowner’s declaration, mortgage receipt, envelope received), insurance benefits Card and medical care card.

When can I apply for a white card?

The Medicaid white card can be applied for at any time. If you are not sure whether you are eligible, you should pay close attention to the Open Enrollment time (November to January each year) to register and fill in your personal data. The platform system will inform you that you may be eligible for the white card Medicaid, or You can also consult an insurance broker.

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White card Medicaid application steps: You can go online, mail, or make an appointment with County Social Welfare Agency. This step is only to fill in the data and submit the application, and the qualifications will be reviewed by the official. If the review is passed, County will further notify in writing or contact by phone to obtain more certification data. After that, you will receive the audit results, and if you pass, you will get a BIC (Benefits Identification Card). The whole process takes about one month.

How to update the white card?

The frequency of white card renewal depends on the state where it is located. Most states require renewal every 12 months. There will be a letter to remind you at that time, and the update method will be provided in the letter.

When the white card is renewed, it is also necessary to re-submit the identity and income and other supporting documents, and the qualifications need to be reviewed again.

How to cancel the white card?

White card beneficiaries are obliged to report changes in income and other circumstances to the Medicaid management agency. If your income increases and you no longer qualify for the white card, you need to proactively declare within a limited time.

Some states can update their medical insurance information and cancel the white card by logging in to the Marketplace account; in addition, you can also contact The local Medicaid management agency updates the information.

White card benefits will generally end on the last day of the month in which you request cancellation, and there will be written confirmation. If you have purchased other medical insurance plans, it is recommended to choose a good date to ensure a smooth connection.

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New York application for white card/free medical insurance/low-income subsidy/benefits information

Important reminder: We are an insurance broker, not a charity. Our work in handling business, finding information or translating is also very time-consuming. Therefore, it is impossible for us to help people apply for white cards and the New York State Special Relief Program for free.

For the application of red and blue cards, the government will give us a commission, so we can help to apply for the red and blue cards.

If you need free assistance in applying for a white card or the New York State Special Relief Program, please contact the relevant welfare agency yourself .

*For white card application methods in other states, please click here view.

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Whether it is First Health, Security, United Oxford, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Oscar ( Click ) All provided are white card plans, which are only appointed by the government to different insurance companies.

However, we will gradually put some information and links about applying for low-income subsidies/white cards/benefits here, hoping to help everyone.

Charles B. Wang Community Health Center – Flushing, Queens/Manhattan Chinatown</span >

Phone: (646) 899-0444

Address: 136-26 37th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354

Public Health Solution – Flushing

Phone number: (718) 947-0035

Address: 42-60 Main St, Flushing, NY 11355

AMPHS – Brooklyn

Phone number: (212) 256-9036

Address: 5306 3rd Ave 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Health & Welfare Council of Long Island-Long Island

Phone number: 516-483-1110

Address: 110 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 101, Huntington Station, NY 11746

New York application white card phone number</ a>

If you don’t want to go through the above-mentioned intermediary, but want to apply for a white card by yourself, you can call the following related numbers:

New York White Card Application Number (under 65): 800-541-2831

New York White Card Elderly Care Application Number (65 years and older): 800–505–5678

New York White Card Doctor Tel: 800–343–9000

New York White Card Hospital Tel: 800–343–9000

New York White Card Lawyer Tel: 800–343–9000


Medicaid is managed and operated by the health authorities of each state. So far, 37 states (including DC) have adopted the white card Medicaid extension, while 14 states have not yet adopted the extension.

Because it is regulated by each state individually, the scope of White Card Medicaid is always limited to your own state. Every time you move to another state, you need to reapply for the local white card medical aid.

“Click to see” red and blue card medical insurance frequently asked questions

Which New York white card insurance company is the best? It is the first health care!

First Health Care is one of the most popular insurance companies for Chinese people, and it is also a popular choice for doctors.

Therefore, patients generally follow the doctor’s “preferences” to choose the company of the insurance plan. In fact, we also recommend that you consult with your doctor before deciding which insurance company to choose. I believe they will definitely give you this aspect. It is recommended, so that you can avoid the trouble of choosing an insurance company by mistake and changing the company.

You can click on the link below to view “First Health” related information and learn more about this company and the content of the medical insurance plan. To help you choose the right white card plan for you.

“Click to Watch” First Health Evaluation

Comparison between the traditional white card and the half-white card in New York State

Traditional white card (Medicaid, also known as medical assistance) is a medical insurance program for the poor, and those with a white card are free to see a doctor. Recently, there have been many rumors about the white card, saying that the federal government is going to strictly investigate the white card application.

(U.S. Entry and Exit Record Card User Manual)

The little white card here does not refer to the little white card used to see a doctor for medical treatment. This little white card is an immigrant little white card (I-94).

The appearance of this card is white, and it has been updated to an electronic version, so there is no such thing as a small white card. Go to the website of the customs to download your little white card.

About a year ago, a white card will be added to your passport. When you enter the country, the customs will give you a small white entry card with I-94 written on the corner. This little white card means that you were checked when you entered the country. So the small white card means that you were checked by the customs when you entered the country.

“Point Look” Will the government take away the white card/medical aid house? Need to repay the real estate behind you?

Biden’s inauguration equals immigration reform/amnesty 😱 and a universal white card? !

All undocumented visitors who entered the country before January 1 this year will receive a green card for 5 years and become a citizen for 8 years!

President-elect Biden will submit a comprehensive immigration reform bill to Congress on the day of his inauguration, including eligible undocumented immigrants to obtain citizenship in eight years, expand the acceptance of refugees, and use technology to patrol the borders for law enforcement.

Immigration must be in the United States on January 1 to be eligible

This regulation aims to reduce the influx of immigrants into the border

If you can pass the background check (Used to prove that you lived in the U.S. before January 1 this year)

According to the latest reports, all illegal immigrants who lived in the United States before January 1 this year, if they can pass a background check, pay taxes and meet other basic requirements, can obtain a temporary status or a green card in 5 years, and in another three years. Become a citizen by naturalization.

New York State is used for bodya certificate< /span>

Every week has its own ID certificate, each certificate has its own score, and many certificate assessments in the United States require these different score IDs as the criteria for obtaining eligibility for the exam. For example, the US passport is worth 4 points. The green card is worth 3 points, and as long as 6 points are collected, you can take the driver’s license written test.

The link used for identification in New York State is as follows:


It is expected to provide 11 million undocumented immigrants with eight years of obtaining citizenship rights

Another source revealed that after Biden was sworn in on the 20th, an immigration reform bill will be proposed, which is expected to provide 11 million undocumented immigrants with a way to obtain citizenship for eight years and significantly reverse the Trump administration’s strict immigration policy.

This case will be the fastest way for undocumented immigrants to obtain citizenship in recent years, but it has not improved border security as most Republicans wished. Many people question whether this case can be passed in a divided Congress.

Biden’s handover team stated that Biden’s immigration reform bill has three pillars, namely, access to citizenship, border enforcement, and Central American countries where immigrants originate.

“Click to see” American White Card vs. New York White Card

1. Obtain citizenship

According to the Immigration Act, undocumented immigrants living in the United States as of January 1st, if they pass background checks, pay taxes, and meet other basic requirements, will receive a five-year temporary legal status or green card; these immigrants can apply for citizenship after three years.

The source pointed out that the beneficiaries of the Deferred Repatriation of Childhood Arrival (DACA) program, commonly known as Dream Birth, as well as immigrants temporarily granted protection status due to natural disasters in their home country, are expected to apply for a green card immediately.

Biden’s immigration plan was praised by immigration defenders and Democratic lawmakers. The Washington Post (WP) pointed out that, unlike the early days of the Obama administration, the Democratic Party was criticized for not handling immigration issues while controlling the White House and both houses; this It is the largest immigration reform since the Senate passed the immigration bill in 2013.

2. Border enforcement

According to Biden’s immigration plan, the Department of Homeland Security intends to use technology and equipment to enforce laws at borders and entry points; Biden will not expand the border walls advocated by Trump.

Biden team members said that spouses and children of temporary work visa holders can also be issued work visas under the plan, but H-1B high-skilled overseas labor and H2-B visa low-skilled non-agricultural labor will not be expanded.

The Biden administration is expected to announce a series of executive orders on the first day, including the lifting of the ban on entry of nationals from certain countries, mainly Muslims, and also plans to review the temporary protection of status plan cancelled by the Trump administration.

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< img class=”aligncenter wp-image-15538 size-full” src=” Insurance FAQ.jpg” alt=”” width=”1080″ height=”1080″ />

3. Central American immigration

Biden also focused the immigration bill on the home country of immigrants. Biden has sent high-level officials to Central America. He will advocate policy changes in these regions. An official said that unless you go straight to Huanglong, you will not be able to improve the immigration problem.

The opening of the border means the relaxation of asylum procedures. In the next four years, the asylum procedures in the United States will be quite simple, and it is estimated that as long as the application is passed.

Biden has worked hard on the issue of illegal immigration, but he has never said anything about legal immigration. The current serious backlog of green card schedules for EB-2 needs to wait 4 years, EB-3 has to wait 3 years, and EB-5 investment Immigration is far away in the foreseeable future, and it may not be possible to get a green card for ten years.

In terms of relative immigration, adult unmarried children of U.S. citizens are scheduled for more than 6 years, married children are scheduled for 12 years, and siblings are scheduled for 14 years.

Legal immigrants are waiting outside, while illegal immigrants are issued green cards directly after sitting in the mountains. This kind of America is coming.

New York White Card/Welfare New President Biden did not “wait for nothing” to loosen immigration policy

The presidential election can be said to have settled, Biden will become the new president of the United States, and Trump will step down.

So for citizens, especially immigrants, what changes will it bring? What changes have been made in welfare, medical care and even life?

As we all know, Trump is very targeted at immigrants and excludes Chinese. He even strictly stipulates that as long as he has received benefits, he will not grant a green card.

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As a result, many people dare not take any benefits during Trump’s administration, but the new President Biden’s attitude is exactly the opposite of Trump. He was Obama’s vice president, so his platform is close to Obama’s. In other words, bye. Deng accepts and welcomes immigrants, and will promote subsidies to help immigrants obtain status.

So can we think that after Biden takes office, everyone can get benefits?

This article will give you an analysis on immigration policy and medical insurance.

Ending the Trump era, Biden loosens immigration policy

Comparison of Trump and Biden’s immigration policies

Immigration issues have become the core theme of Trump’s 2016 campaign and subsequent administration. According to statistics from the Washington think tank Immigration Policy Institute, the Trump administration has so far enacted more than 400 new policies.

During the four years of Trump’s administration, Trump tried to reduce the number of forms of immigration into the United States, emphasizing that immigration should be introduced based on merit. In addition, the Trump administration has severely cracked down on illegal immigration, terminated the Childhood Arrival Deferred Repatriation Program (DACA), expelled undocumented immigrants, built border walls, and banned travel from multiple countries.

At the same time, Trump continues to impose restrictions on visas for highly skilled talents and raise the threshold for visa applications. During the epidemic, Trump temporarily banned some work visa holders from entering the country to protect the economy that was hit hard during the epidemic. Under the leadership of the Trump administration, almost all work visas have seen a high rejection rate in recent years.

In terms of immigration policy, Biden promised that after taking office, he will adopt a series of administrative measures to reverse the harsh practices of the Trump administration and revoke Trump’s controversial immigration policy. Biden believes that these policies are wrong, because immigration is a core part of the American cultural structure, and key economic sectors, from technology to agriculture, rely on immigration to maintain labor growth.

Biden said he will lift Trump’s immigration agenda. Biden’s immigration policy includes plans to restore DACA, provide more outlets for undocumented immigrants, abolish the travel ban, and gradually increase the number of visas for highly skilled talents, to change the current immigration policy and make the entire United States clean. The number of immigrants has further increased.

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Specific policies for immigration and work visas

Biden stated in its immigration policy that it will accept more immigrants, emphasize the importance of family reunion, and gradually increase the number of visas for highly skilled talents. The following are the specific policies that Biden may implement on immigration and work visas after he takes office.

Improve the naturalization process for green card holders:

The Biden government will simplify and improve the naturalization process for qualified green card holders. The Biden government will give priority to formulating work procedures to resolve the backlog of green card applications, ensure that applications are processed quickly, and refuse to charge unreasonable fees.

Reform Temporary Visa:

The Biden administration will work with Congress to reform temporary visas, including H-1B, and establish a wage-based distribution process and implementation mechanism to ensure that they are consistent with the labor market and will not be used to undermine wages Level. Then, Biden will support increasing the number of highly skilled visas and gradually eliminate country-based green card quotas.

Issuing green cards to PhD students:

At present, the upper limit of the number of work visas in the United States is 140,000 per year, which does not meet the conditions of the labor market and the requirements of American employers. Biden will work with Congress to increase the number of professional immigrant green cards and create a corresponding mechanism to temporarily reduce the number of visas during a period of high unemployment in the United States. At the same time, Biden believes that green cards should be directly provided to international students who have obtained doctoral degrees in the United States. These well-trained talents will enhance the economic competitiveness of the United States.

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Create a new visa category:

The economic growth gap between different cities in the United States is one of the huge imbalances in the U.S. economy today. Companies in some cities and many rural areas are facing various challenges and difficulties. Biden will implement a plan to allow administrative staff of large and medium-sized counties or cities to apply for additional immigrant visas in order to support the economic development strategy of the region, provided that employers in these regions must prove that there are vacant jobs and no workers To fill these positions. Holders of these visas will be required to work and live in these specific cities or counties, and will receive the same protections as other work-based immigrants.

Biden retreats on immigration: it will take time to change Trump’s policy

If Bi takes the stage, he can completely eliminate the influence of the Trump administration on US immigration policies in recent years. This is something that is worth looking forward to. But because Trump has pulled the US immigration system to an extreme, American people have been accustomed to these policies for a long time, and its strict immigration policies are even more popular in some areas. Therefore, after Biden takes office, it is difficult to completely subvert Trump’s policies in the short term.

Impact of US White Card-Green card, entry into the US, change of status for review?

Although in the previous Trump era, we can tell you with certainty that the abuse of government benefits such as white cards and medical assistance will definitely affect the application for conversion of status. But now even if Trump steps down and Biden takes office as the new president, the policy of occupying public welfare to affect status conversion is still effective.

Of course you said, what will happen to the policy afterwards? After all, the new President Biden’s political platform is completely opposite to Trump’s (at least in terms of immigration-related policies), so let’s think about this issue for yourself. It is not convenient for us to say more here.

Of course, we are not suggesting that you abuse benefits and defraud resources, but you can use them reasonably according to your actual economic situation, because it is said that when Trump was in power, even if they really could not afford the medical expenses, they did not use them. White card or welfare, for fear of affecting future status adjustments, even if you feel uncomfortable, you can’t go to see a doctor. This will bring unpredictable consequences. If you get sick to the shallow Chinese medicine, if you miss the golden period of treatment, it would be too bad. Worth it!


Can a non-U.S. citizen/green card/without status apply for a white card

New immigrants who have just arrived in the United States usually need to wait five years to be eligible for Medicaid and other medical insurance that subsidizes low-income people. Some states self-regulate the criteria for immigrants to apply for Medicaid and do not require immigrants to be at least five years old. Some immigrants, such as refugees and military family members, do not need to wait for five years. They can apply for a white card if their income and other conditions meet the criteria.

The U.S. federal government allows states to decide on their own whether to provide Medicaid to pregnant women and children among new immigrants, without having to wait for five years. At present, about half of the state governments allow pregnant women and children, new immigrants, to obtain Medicaid insurance, and the other half of the state governments still require all new immigrants to wait five years before they can receive government subsidies.

If immigrants fail to meet the Medicaid application criteria for various reasons, they can apply for personal/family medical insurance. Immigrants whose income is below 400% of the federal poverty level can also apply for government subsidies to help pay for insurance. Unlike the criteria for applying for Medicaid, immigrants do not have a five-year limit when applying for medical insurance subsidies.

According to different situations, it is possible to get free/low-premium medical insurance even without an identity. For details, please Consultation:

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Do new immigrants have to live in the United States for five years before they can apply for a white card?

In fact, this provision is exempt for people with political asylum and refugee status, and they can apply for a white card even if they are less than five years old.

People who do not have the above status normally need to live in the United States for five years before they are eligible to apply for a white card.

The intention of this regulation is actually mainly aimed at immigrant parents, who are generally older and have a higher chance of physical problems, so they will naturally be regarded as the main targets of public burdens. Therefore, the government wants immigrant children to promise that their parents will not use white cards and government benefits within five years after they come to the United States.

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New immigrants/green card application white card

Generally speaking, to apply for a white card, you must have the status of a US citizen or permanent resident (green card).

New immigrants may need to reside in the United States for 5 years before applying for a white card, but now many places have relaxed restrictions;

In addition, non-citizens or non-green card status may also be eligible for application under certain conditions, such as pregnancy or the need for emergency medical services (Emergency Medicaid).

According to different situations, even new immigrants may get free/low premium medical insurance. For details, please Consultation:

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How can I buy medical insurance without an identity in the United States?

In our daily work, too many unidentified guests consult us: I have no identity, can I buy medical insurance?

Before answering this question, let us first figure out what “no identity” is. Many people think that as long as they have not obtained a green card or citizenship, they are not considered “identity.” In New York State, if you are not a citizen or do not have a green card, you can also apply for medical insurance. Let’s take a closer look.

1 For those who apply for political asylum, if you have submitted materials to the Immigration Department and obtained a work permit and a social security card, then you will meet the “identity” requirements of the New York State Medical Insurance. But please note that there are income requirements to apply for medical insurance.

2If you have smuggled to the United States, if you have never had contact with the Immigration Bureau, then you do not meet the application requirements. If you have been in contact with the Immigration Department, have an Alien Number, and have a social security card, that is to meet the “identity” requirements for applying for New York State Medical Insurance.

3 Temporary non-immigrants (temporary non-immigrants) can also apply, including foreigners holding F, M, J, B, D, H (including H-1B work visas), I, G, and O visas.

The above are the “identity” requirements for applying for medical insurance, as well as the income requirements. So what kind of income level is suitable for applying for medical insurance? We will explain in detail the income standards of the Medicaid program below.

Can undocumented people in New York get free medical insurance?

NYC Care is a health care plan , Which allows you to get health care services for little or no cost.

The program provides services throughout New York City’s health care centers and hospital departments. It applies to all New Yorkers who are not eligible for health insurance or cannot afford health insurance.

Regardless of your immigration status or ability to pay, you will receive affordable healthcare.
Decide your premium based on what you can afford. The discount depends on your family size and income, and the minimum is $0.
Choose your own family doctor, who will help you to connect with other services you need.
Preventive care, such as vaccinations, routine screenings, COVID-19 tests and other examinations and mammograms.

Get mental health counseling and substance abuse services.
Cheap prescription drugs are available.
You can get the first chance to see a doctor in two weeks or less.
There are no membership fees, monthly fees or premiums.
You will no longer need to rely on the emergency room to get the care you need.

How can an unidentified person get free medical insurance?

Interviews with financial advisors for medical institutions and hospitals in New York City
Meet or call a MetroPlus representative
Go to one of our community partners

NYC Care
Also provides rapid registration for existing patients
New York City Health Institutions and Hospitals
A plan that has been screened by health insurance in the past six months.

For more information, please call 1-646-NYC-CARE (1-646-692-2273).

Documents you need to register
You will need the following proof:

personal I.D
New York City residents
Household income
Family size
New York City Health Institutions and Hospitals
You will also be asked to confirm that you have lived in New York for six months or more.

Patients who have been screened for insurance through NYS of Health Marketplace can bring a printed copy of the confirmed results (no other documents are required).

If you cannot provide the required documents, we may still be able to help you register.

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In the event of an unidentified person encountering emergency and serious situations, they can apply for an “emergency white card”

Many people in the United States cannot apply for medical insurance because they are undocumented immigrants. But in fact, people can apply for an emergency white card (Emergency Medicaid), which is only for serious disability or accidents requiring medical treatment. The hospital does not charge patients for high medical expenses. Please be aware of this emergency white card. The card does not cover the cost of general daily medical treatment.

According to the requirements of the New York City Human Resources Administration to apply for an emergency white card, it is necessary to meet the qualifications of low-income households, New York City residents under or over 65, or temporary residents can apply. If there is an emergency within one year after the application The condition requires a doctor, regardless of whether the patient can afford the medical expenses, the hospital must provide medical services. Therefore, even people who have no major accidents or disabilities can apply first if they meet the qualifications, in case of emergency.

In addition, for those New York City residents who do not meet the white card application criteria or the “Child Health Plus” (Child Health Plus), but whose income is not high, they can apply for “New York State Special Relief Plan” Insurance (The Essential Plan). This plan needs to meet low-income standards.

If it is really an emergency or serious situation, even unidentified persons should not delay their illness and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

These white card-related regulations are not in our own hands, but are managed and approved by the government’s official website.

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New York unidentified people can take a driver’s license

The Green Light Act was passed in the New York State Senate in June 2019, and Governor Cuomo signed the bill to make it law. The Economic Policy Association pointed out that the bill can not only promote economic development, but also reduce escaping from car accidents and reduce driving without a driver’s license, thereby benefiting public safety.

Anu Joshi, Director of Immigration Policy of the Immigration Union of New York, said that starting from December 16, the DMV will not ask about the applicant’s immigration status, nor does it require the applicant to produce a social security card. The applicant only needs to submit an affidavit (Affidavit ) that Indicates that you do not have a social security card. All applicants need to submit address and identity certificates, but DMV will not keep these documents, nor will they copy them for the record. The staff will return the documents to the applicant after seeing the documents and confirming their authenticity.

The documents presented by the applicant must reach 6 points, for example, 4 points for an unexpired foreign passport; 4 points for a valid consular card; and a foreign driver’s license with a photo (valid or expired within 24 months) 4 points; foreign school transcript, 2 points with photos, 1 point without photos; 3 points for valid border pass cards; 2 points for green cards expired within 2 years, 2 points for social security cards; 1 point for citizen cards; attached 1 point for the court documents of the applicant’s name, 1 point for the IRS tax return; 1 point for the annual form of the Social Security Bureau; foreign birth certificates cannot be counted as points, but can be used to prove the age of the applicant.

For more information, please click here Place to view.

How do new immigrant parents buy medical insurance

1. In the first five years, new immigrants cannot use federal benefits (you cannot buy red and blue cards, and you cannot use white cards). Welfare is different from state to state. There may be some state benefits in the first five years of Deep Blue State. There is no one in my state now.

2. However, for the first five years, new immigrants can Buy Obama Healthcare Reform

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3. Americans without work experience (including immigrants for more than five years) can buy red and blue cards at a high price. Note that Americans without work experience cannot enjoy low-cost white cards, but they can spend money to buy red and blue cards, Part A (Hospitalization Insurance), Part B (Medical Insurance), Part D (Medicine Insurance), a total of about 900 yuan per person per month. Of course, it varies from person to person.

For example, this link says that the high price of part A of the red and blue card is 422 yuan a month, part B is $134, part D depends on youBuy yourself depending on the insurance plan.

Note: Part C is a plan of part A/B sold by a private company, which is equivalent to a personal choice of part A/B. So the cost is not counted.

4. In addition, apart from medical insurance, I do not encourage parents of middle-class families to abuse welfare relief. Because this may be defined as “public charge“.

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Company/group medical insurance

In addition to the New York State Special Relief Program mentioned above, group medical insurance is also a good choice.

Working in the United States can obtain medical insurance through different channels: participating in the company’s collective medical insurance, purchasing private medical insurance from a commercial insurance company, and participating in the collective medical insurance provided by industry associations for members.

Collective medical insurance is a non-wage benefit provided by the company to employees. According to the US medical law, companies with more than 50 full-time employees must provide employees with medical insurance. Companies with fewer than 50 employees do not have to provide medical insurance for their employees. Foreign employees who work in the United States with H, L and other visas can also participate in medical insurance through their employers.

Use Company group medical insurance is a good choice. why would you say so? Because the cost of the company’s medical insurance can be used as part of the company’s expenditure, that is, tax deductions can be made.

In this way, you can save a lot of taxes and fees, and secondly you can participate in a good PPO plan. With a good insurance plan, you can naturally find good hospitals and doctors.

Under the new policy, it is difficult for people with existing illnesses to purchase medical insurance, so we have always advised others to take precautions, because once something happens, it will be too late to hurry up.

White Card FAQ

What should I do if the white card is broken?

Answer: Applicants who are eligible for the white card application can reapply after the white card is broken. The current application time is shorter than before, and the application is available in about 30 days.

In the medical plan added by the company, it is necessary for the individual to bear 80-85% of the cost of medicine. How can we save the cost of medicine?

Answer: Different insurance companies have different insurance plans and different drugs covered, so consult the insurance company more to find an insurance company that can cover the drugs you need to see how much it can cover. Shop around and find an insurance company that suits you.

For fear of being involved in “public charge“, can I join the New York State Special Relief Program after I withdraw from the white card?

Answer: The draft of the new scope of “public charge” has not yet been officially implemented. If it is actually released and implemented, it must be calculated from the date of implementation. The previous white cards are not included. The New York State Special Relief Program has independent requirements for income eligibility, and only those who meet the income eligibility can join.

There are only red and blue cards. The doctor said that some cases require a white card. What if there is no white card?

Answer: Although you have a red and blue card, you can still apply for a white card if you qualify for a white card. According to the age of the applicant, applying for a white card depends on assets, such as real estate. Individuals may need to go to the HRA (Human Resources Bureau) to inquire about the specific income conditions they need.

In the New York State Special Relief Plan, only First Health Care can include eye and dental benefits in the plan. Those eligible for higher wages can enjoy additional eye and dental benefits as long as the $20 premium plus $24.55 is added.

The other three income levels can directly enjoy the additional benefits without paying additional fees. Those without a green card and international students can also join the program.