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High-Risk Condition Insurance

We're Experts in High-Risk Conditions

When it comes to high-risk circumstances or health conditions, it’s extremely difficult to find an affordable insurance policy, or in some cases, any policy at all. If you have ever faced these challenges, you’re on the right track coming to us. We are highly trained agents who know how insurance companies determine health ratings.

With our expertise, we can present your case to these companies in a favorable way– securing the best possible offers. You don’t need to worry about missing out on a better rate, because we will shop insurance companies until we find your best option so you can have some peace of mind.


We’re Here for You

This is exactly what we do at Safe Policies Insurance. As an insurance brokerage, it’s our duty to present your case in the best light to insurance companies. We then sift through all their offers in order to find the most affordable and suitable option for you. To do this, we often perform a life insurance prequalification:

We send an anonymous pre-qualification letter with detailed information regarding your health to our life insurance companies.

We then sort through all the offers in order to find you the best option.

If you decide to apply, we add the pre-qualification offer in writing to your formal application. As long as your medical records and lab results confirm what is in the letter, you will get the rate offered.

Because this is time-consuming and requires a lot of attention, a service for high-risk applicants is hard to find. So long as you provide honest information, we will do our best to do your insurance shopping for you and find you your best policy.

Conditions We Can Help You Insure


Alcohol Abuse   Asthma   A-Fib   Basal Cell Carcinoma   Bladder Cancer   Breast Cancer   Cigar Smokers   Cigarette Smokers   Colon Cancer   Diabetes Type 1    Family History of Cancer   Hepatitis C   Lupus   Prostate Cancer   Sleep Apnea   Stent Surgery History   Stroke