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3 way to get Medical Insurances for Pregnant Foreigner (NYC,USA)?

Imagine you can get health insurance coverage legally even if you don’t have a permanent resident (aka Green Card) status or green card in the USA.

A passerby in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu Province, reads an advertisement for a company that helps women travel to the US to give birth. File photo: IC


Yes, that is actually legal and possible in the state of NY, or the second most popular destination for 赴美生子. This is Birth Tourism, coming to the USA to give birth to children so the children can get the citizenship status right at birth.

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In the United States, the medical costs of pregnancy are very high leading up to and following the birth of a baby.

That is especially true for New York City (NYC) where we are located.

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The basic cost of childbirth in the United States is around $3,000 to $11,000, which doesn’t include sudden pregnancy complications. In an emergency situation, a C-section can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.  (Just for the operation cost alone.) 

If you or your family member is pregnant and wants to travel to the United States, I doubt your Travel insurance plan purchase outside the USA covers any her maternity-related medical expenses.

However, we do intend to share with you details about Medical Travel Insurance that covers maternity procedure, even without any limit. 

One of my children had run into complication condition call Nuchal Cord during his birth. I was in the delivery room when that happened. My son was delivered via after 25 hours staying in the hospital due to this birth complication. He ended up being delivered by C-section.

The nuchal cord has to do with the umbilical cord wrapping around the baby neck during delivery, hence preventing the normal delivery. I do know people who had suffered this unlucky incident. The delayed delivery actually has caused a lifelong impact on this person as the lack of oxygen during birth may have caused a lifelong damaged to his brain, that has significantly impacted his entire life.

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Hence, it amaze me when I found out so many poeple are utilizing the so call

Many people from China had knowingly & unknowingly uses Medicaid for their childbirth here.

That, however, has come under severe scrutiny. We have a, directly and indirectly, run into many horror stories of the green card holding mother, of a US citizen child being denied entry to the USA due to the unknowing use of Medicaid. 

One of the particular sad stories involved this lady from Shenzhen, who obtained her EB-5 green card and was misled to take advantage of such free insurance of NY State.

Anyone who is pregnant can easily obtain NY State Medicaid, even today. However, America is such a weird country where the state he is born & raised in NY, is waging a war against him or vice vessel?

NY has gone so far to pass a law to provide medical coverage for all pregnant lady (even those who do have a legal status) while President Trump has issued his executive order for the ICE ( Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to detain and send back people who might have been misled to using Medicaid. (aka free insurance for the unknowing new immigrants from China.)

The lady which we couldn’t help is facing with the irony of being denied entry back to America, even she owns multiple properties in the USA. What makes the matter worst is, her dream of bringing her children to the USA for a better education were shatter at the moment she was told that she has been blacklisted byUSA, despite being a green card holder.

She was being sent back on the very next flight back to China, right here in JFK while 5 months pregnant with her second child.

Should she blame it on President Obama or Trump?

To put things in context, we may need to understand more about America. America is a country of immigrants. President Obama has ties to Indonesia & Africa, President Donald Trump has ties with Germany & Europe.


In the U.S., pregnant foreigners are unable to purchase any insurance plan covering the costs of pregnancy and childbirth. However, there are exceptions.


What insurance plans do pregnant people have in the United States?

Medical insurance options:

In general, maternity protection in all medical insurance requires the insured to be covered before becoming pregnant. If you are pregnant before the plan goes into effect, you may not be covered directly, or the insurance company will list all maternity protections as an unprotected item in your plan. However, there are still some plans for pregnant people to choose from.

International Travel Medical Insurance Plan:

If you are pregnant and plan on staying in the United States for a relatively short period of time, some international travel medical insurance plans can cover pregnancy-associated complications. While this is not comprehensive pregnancy protection, this will protect you from the urgent pregnancy-related complications that may occur.

The protection of such complications in this type of plan often has certain time restrictions. For details, please refer to the plan’s safeguard terms.

Affordable Care Act / ACA Compliant Plans

The ACA Medical Insurance Plan will not rule out existing illnesses/conditions  (pregnancy falls under this condition). This means that even if you are pregnant, you are eligible to purchase the plan, and you also have access to the ACA plan for maternity protection. However, your international visitor status is not defined in each state, so you must check the availability of the special application in the ACA medical insurance market during the open purchase period (November 1 to January 31).


Treatment of pregnancy and childbirth without medical insurance in the United States:

If you fail to obtain a health insurance plan to cover your pregnancy-related costs, here are some ways you can help reduce the costs associated with pregnancy in the United States.

Birthing Center or Midwife

The delivery center has its own medical equipment to cope with low-risk deliveries and also has preparative measures for transferring mothers and babies to the hospital if pregnancy complications occur. The general delivery center mainly deals with births that do not require a doctor or epidural anesthesia. Childbirth centers charge about $3,000 to $4,000.

Women’s clinic

In addition to the cost of delivery, you also need to consider prenatal and postnatal care– the costs of which add up. Gynecological clinics are economical choices for pregnant women. They charge according to different needs. Try contacting the clinic about the actual cost of pre and post-care.

Payment Plans

If you don’t have medical insurance, you still want to go to the hospital to give birth and for check-ups. In case you need a Caesarean section or have pregnancy complications, medical costs can be as high as $45,000. The good news is that many hospitals allow you to bargain and set up payment plans. Before giving birth or checking in, please call the hospital or doctor in your area. You can compare the prices and see if you can set up a more cost-effective payment plan.