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Oscar NY Group Health Insurance (2019 Reviews and Complaints, Pros and Cons)

Oscar Health Insurance Review - 2019 & Beyond

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What is Oscar Health Insurance?

Founded in 2012, Oscar Health Insurance is a relatively new addition to the market. That being said, however, it has managed to create quite a bit of noise in just a few years. Quite noticeably, the company got a bit of negative attention in 2014—just two years after its introduction—for having an unclear pricing structure. Since that time, however, Oscar has worked to become a more respected member of the health insurance industry.

To do so, they’ve doubled down on their initial promise of being one of the easiest-to-follow health insurance plans available. Looking to simplify and streamline the experience for its members, Oscars makes use of a technologically-based system that has earned it a unique reputation.

In many ways, Oscar looks to provide more streamlined and consistent pricing by limiting its coverage areas, networks, and paper trails. This has also led the company to simplifying its signup process so that users are more likely to sign up for it.

But when it comes to actual health insurance, Oscar proves to be just a bit limited. Unlike other insurance providers who have built vast networks over the years, Oscar has relied on its ability to provide an easier experience—and not better insurance. In this way, this has led the company to have some not-so-great reviews. What’s more, many find that they don’t actually recommend Oscar to their friends when trying to connect them with quality insurance.

To understand if Oscar is right for you, however, there are many considerations that you’ll want to make. Below, we’ll walk you through what you need to know about Oscar. Keep this information in mind as you determine what health insurance you should get.

Before you do this, however, make sure that you have a solid understanding of the type of health insurance that you’ll need. Speak with your doctor and other professionals to see what conditions you’ll want to make sure that your insurance covers, as well as the type of insurance that will best fit you.

Once you’ve done this, use our guide to decide if Oscar is the right fit for you. Ready to learn everything you need to know about this increasingly-popular health insurance? Let’s get started!

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How Much Does Oscar Health Insurance Cost?

Let’s get started with one of the most important questions. How much does Oscar cost? Is it something that you can reasonably expect to fit in your budget? How does it compare to other health insurance options that you are considering?

To determine this, let’s take a brief look at Oscar’s pricing structure. It may surprise to you know that Oscar does offer some benefits when it comes to price—though whether these benefits outweigh their costs you’ll have to decide for yourself.

For starters, Oscar brings its commitment to simplifying insurance to the table when it comes to price. To do this, they focus on setting one price once your deductible has been met.

Can you guess what price that is? That’s right—zero. No matter what plan you’ve chosen, you can expect to pay nothing more out of pocket once you’ve reached your deductible—no matter the treatment or circumstance. This can be an attractive option for those who are looking to save money, as this flat rate covers even more costly operations.

That being said, however, this does come with some drawbacks. For starters, you’re still going to have to look at different copays and other prices for different conditions before your deductible has been met. In this way, the company hasn’t really simplified everything, as you’ll still need to remember different prices before reaching your deductible. And depending on what this deductible is and your medical needs, this can take quite a while.

But that’s not all. To know just how much Oscar costs, you’ll need to consider the different plans that they offer. The good (and bad) news is that Oscar offers just four plans, so keeping track of the different costs for each shouldn’t be that difficult. These plans are classic, simple, saver, and backup. You’ll also need to look at the different plan tiers to have a better understanding of the pricing. These tiers include Secure, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

For a better understanding of plan prices and structures, check out our rate sheet. Here, you’ll have the information you need to know to determine if Oscar’s prices are right for you.

Oscar Health Insurance Reviews

When it comes to reviews, Oscar hasn’t had the most success. Though there have been some who find the health insurance company to have some benefits, many note that it doesn’t really meet their expectations. This was exacerbated in 2014 when a high-profile lawsuit caught national attention. Here, disgruntled customers took issue with how little Oscar paid toward their conditions—leading the CEO to come out and make a statement that they would try harder for greater transparency.

Still, though, the company only boasts a 2-star rating on yelp—despite having 79 reviews. What’s more, it currently has a 1.5-star rating with the Better Business Bureau, leading many to be wary of the company’s reputation.

At the time of this writing, Oscar currently has 17 complaints filed against them—and only 15 of them are resolved. This means that the company has yet to address many of the issues that are facing them—furthering their image as an unreliable health insurance agency.

Those who do praise Oscar generally note that the company has a robust customer service approach, providing customers with the information they need to stay in the loop. It’s quite possible that this has been in place since 2014 when the CEO pledged better transparency.

Generally speaking, however, many still complain about their coverage, as well as the fact that only a small number of doctors actually take their insurance. What’s more, many also find that they are limited to a very small network and have to pay extra fees to travel outside of it. Because of this, they claim that health insurance is effectively useless for them, as they are unable to get the coverage they need.

It’s in this regard that it can be said that in many ways Oscar is more show than anything. Though the company bills itself as a technologically-advanced form of health insurance, in reality, the technological ease of signup simply cannot overcome the inherent limitations its plans provide.

One disgruntled user who bought Oscar noted that he was very much in favor of the company until it came time to use his health insurance. It was here that he found that his necessary medical treatment was not covered by the company, leaving him with a $20,000 bill.

Of course, if you’re looking for an insurance company that will help you cut down on costs and keep you covered, this is something that you don’t want to hear. In fact, for this reason, Oscar is not recommended to those who are looking for reliable health insurance. Though the company has come a long way since its inception, it simply isn’t at the level of more big-name insurance providers. If you’re looking for a health insurance option that gives you more flexibility and real coverage in case of an event, try a more respected option that will give you the coverage you deserve. Unfortunately, Oscar simply doesn’t have this level of coverage or support yet, though as the company continues to grow this may change.

For now, however, you may want to start considering other health insurance options so that you’re not hit with surprise medical bills when you need coverage most.

Pros and Cons of Oscar Health Insurance

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of using Oscar health insurance. By understanding its good and bad points, you can better decide if choosing Oscar is right for you.

When determining the pros and cons, it’s important to take a holistic approach. This includes looking at every aspect of Oscar to make sure that you’re seeing it from every possible angle.

In this way, a few important pros and cons come to mind. If you’re wondering if Oscar is right for you, keep the following information in mind.


Let’s start with the pros. Fortunately, there are a number of pros to using this health insurance—which is why it’s become known throughout the market. That being said, remember that you’ll not want to look at these pros in isolation. Instead, make sure that you thoroughly evaluate both the pros and the cons of Oscar so that you know you’re making the choice that’s right for you.
So what pros does Oscar have? For starters …

• More Than One Plan Option Available

As we’ve seen, Oscar has more than one plan option available. This proves to be important for consumers who are looking for greater flexibility.
But to understand why this is important, let’s consider the different plans and what they offer.

o Classic Plans
The most basic plans that Oscar offers are its classic plans. These classic plans are pretty similar to the plans that you’ll already be able to find through many private insurers on the market. This makes them easy to understand and use for those who are switching to Oscar from another plan.

o Simple Plans
The simplest of Oscar’s coverage options, the Simple Plans are the ones we’ve discussed already. Unlike other plans on the market, these plans make sure that every covered medical expense is free for members after they have hit their deductibles.

While these plans sound great, make sure that you check with your Oscar representative to see what conditions are covered under your plan. You’ll want to make sure that you have coverage options available in your area. This will make sure that you’re getting both the savings and the coverage that you need.

o Saver Plans
Saver plans are another popular option. Unlike other Oscar plans, these are generally HSA-compatible—meaning that you can fund them from your HSA.

Keep in mind, as well, that these plans generally have a lower monthly cost. However, you expect that you’ll need to pay more in your deductible. This could be important later if you’re looking for your insurance coverage to kick in faster.

o Backup Plans
Backup plans are another option that comes with higher deductibles. You can expect, however, that your monthly payments will be lower. Generally speaking, these plans are designed for those who are already in good health. By signing up for an Oscar backup plan, you’ll be able to lower the overall cost of your doctor’s visits while not having to commit to expensive health insurance. This may be a great option for those who are young and want to have just-in-case health insurance.

Keep in mind as well that these plans come in different levels for better savings and coverage options.

• Some Unique Features for Members

Oscar healthcare plans all come with a few unique perks of their own. Many of these perks come from the fact that the company is looking to position itself as a technologically-based insurance company. This has led it to make a number of innovations that will likely make it popular among younger generations.

Perhaps the most innovative and noteworthy of these innovations is telemedicine. These telemedicine services allow members to call a doctor over the phone to get their prescriptions and other important information. This helps cut down on the amount of time that it takes to receive their healthcare—and it cuts costs as well. This makes it innovative when compared to other insurance companies on the market.

But that’s not all. Oscar has been known to offer real incentives to members, as they attempt to keep their members both happy and healthy. Members who join Oscar are incentivized with a number of unique perks that are hard to find anywhere else.

For example, members have been encouraged to wear trackers and stay fit to win Amazon prizes and iPads. In this way, Oscar makes sure that they are engaging with their customers in a way that’s beneficial to both parties. What’s really cool about Oscar’s approach here is that it allows active members to stay fit and healthy—making it one of the most proactive health insurance companies on the market. What’s more, it shows the company’s commitment to ensuring that its members stay fit and healthy.

But that’s not all. Oscar also makes sure that customers know just what coverage they are getting. To do this, they make sure to assign a concierge team to each new member who signs up. Again, this might come because of the 2014 scandal in which the company received national attention. Regardless of the reason, this concierge team makes sure that members have the information they need and will even help with finding and booking appointments. This makes Oscar an easy-to-use health insurance provider for many.

What’s more, Oscar has taken steps to make sure that it has one of the easiest registration processes available. Those who are looking to sign up for Oscar need only to fill out a few simple online forms. This push to simplify their online network makes it easy for new users to sign up. Again, because Oscar bills themselves as a technologically-advanced form of health insurance, this fits in with their intended brand image and business model.

In many ways, they’re succeeding in that goal. The company notes that 63% of their business is done online, whether it be through sign up or through its telemedicine ventures. According to Oscar, these telemedicine calls are usually so successful that as many as 91% of patients who make them find out that a doctor’s visit wasn’t necessary. Even better, Oscar notes that up to 90% of their calls are answered immediately by live representatives who are able to address consumer concerns. In this way, Oscar proves its dedication to providing members with the transparency and service they need to stay in the know.

• Superior Customer Service

What’s more, Oscar is now known for having incredible customer service. Not only does this include the wonderful concierge team each member is assigned, but it also includes a large customer support staff that’s always friendly and willing to answer questions.

Generally speaking, Oscar’s customer support lines are open twelve hours a day from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 5 PM on the weekends, including Sunday. Those who are looking to contact customer support will be transferred to their concierge team, where they will get specialized service based on their needs.

This proves to have several powerful benefits for members. For starters, because the concierge team includes a registered nurse, you’ll be able to get a few of your medical questions answered rather quickly.

What’s more, the nurse will be able to talk you through what you need to do, including what appointments you should be making. And because your nurse will be familiar with your medical history, you can be sure that they will provide you with the unique care that you deserve.

In this way, Oscar boasts one of the best customer support staffs on the market. If you’re looking for no-nonsense customer support that will keep you up-to-date on the information you should know, consider getting Oscar health insurance.

• A Number of Member Resources Available

In addition to all of this, members get a wealth of resources when they sign up for Oscar. In fact, these benefits start before you’re even enrolled in their health insurance. Their online site has a number of features that makes it easy to navigate and see different plan options. What’s more, as we’ve seen, signing up for Oscar generally proves to be exceptionally easy.

After you’ve signed up for Oscar, you’ll receive a convenient starter kit that will be mailed to you. Here, you’ll find a number of important resources, including your healthcare ID card, as well as some other freebies designed to make your experience easier. For instance, you’ll also receive a guide that informs you of the specifics of your insurance and your coverage. This makes it easier for you to use Oscar without any confusion.

Finally, once you’ve signed up for Oscar, you’ll also be able to make use of their online and mobile accounts. These are designed to make sure that you’re connected with the information you need every step of the way. You never have to lose access to your important account and healthcare information, as you can download Oscar’s convenient mobile app. This will allow you to book appointments and browse through different doctors who are part of your network. What’s more, you can even see reviews that will allow you to pick the doctor best for you.


That being said, Oscar does come with a few problems of its own. And judging by its 1.5-star rating with the Better Business Bureau, many find these cons to significantly outweigh the pros. Join us as we consider each con in detail below. In doing so, you’ll be able to determine if Oscar is the right choice for you.

o Availability Is Limited

What States Have Oscar?

For starters, it’s worth noting that Oscar simply isn’t available in many places. In fact, individuals who are looking for coverage may only do so if they live in one of the following nine states: Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. Small business coverage is found in an even fewer number of states—California, Tennessee, New Jersey, and New York.

This means that those who are traveling out of state may find that there is no one in their networks. Oscar has tried to make its small network more of a positive by billing it as curated and filled only with the best doctors. However, in reality, this limited availability can make the insurance functionally useless at times.

As noted, if you find yourself in this situation, you may be more than displeased with your insurance coverage. You may feel as though you are being limited in your travels and in what you can do by selecting this option. For those who don’t think this will be an issue for them, Oscar may still be a cost-cutting option. However, if you don’t want to risk losing your coverage, you may want to choose a plan with bigger availability.

o Coverage Is Limited

Does Oscar Cover Vision And Dental?

But that’s not all that is limited with Oscar. You’ll also find that you’re unable to get coverage for a number of medical conditions—including vision and dental. This can be an obvious drawback for those who are looking for comprehensive medical insurance plans. The only exception to this is that some Oscar plans will allow vision and dental for children who are not yet 18. However, this doesn’t come as much of consolation with many of Oscar’s competitors having these options available for individuals of all ages.

For this reason, it’s important that you make sure to look at your coverage in detail before singing up with Oscar. You’ll want to make sure that you have the important coverage you need in the case of a medical emergency. If not, you may find that your health insurance is next to useless in saving you money—and that’s never a good thing.

Because of just how severely limited Oscar is, you may find that you’re unable to get most of the health perks that you’re looking for. It’s because of this that you may want to consider pursuing another option.

What’s more, many have noted that they were hit with unexpected bills because they found out—after treatment—that their procedures weren’t covered. Don’t let this surprise happen to you. You need to know exactly what you’re getting when you sign up for health insurance, and despite its best efforts, Oscar doesn’t seem to be able to deliver on that yet.

Much of this may have to do with the fact that they are a relatively new player in the game. Because of this, they are unable to match the offers and the coverage provided by many of the larger companies. Though this is to be expected, people still would like to see greater transparency on the part of Oscar in their ability to deliver on their healthcare promises.

So just how much will this affect you? Quite considerably. Remember that if you sign up with Oscar, all of your medical supplies and care must come from their network in order to get covered. This includes everything from a doctor’s visit to getting your medical supplies and prescriptions. And as we’ve noted, because this network is so small, you may have significant trouble finding a doctor near you. What’s worse, because the network doesn’t have a lot of competition inside of it, you may find that you’re paying more than what you should.

The only exception to this is for those who are in an emergency or for some small businesses. In these cases, you may be able to get out-of-area coverage, though there’s no guarantee.

Finally, make sure that you have a solid understanding of what kinds of preexisting conditions are covered through Oscar. You’ll want to be sure that you’re eligible for the insurance and that you’re getting something that will ultimately benefit you.

Oscar Health Insurance: FAQ

With this in mind, it’s time to take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Oscar health insurance. Keep these questions in mind as you work to make your final decision.

Is Oscar Health Insurance Part of Obamacare?

If you’re one of the millions currently seeking health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, you’ll need coverage that’s included. Fortunately, Oscar is currently on the market and available through Obamacare.

In fact, the company currently hopes that it’s able to snag a greater share of the market through the Affordable Care Act. Traditionally, many get their health insurance through their employers. Because of this, Oscar is at a natural disadvantage.

Unsurprisingly, this disadvantage has proven to be so large that traditional insurance companies have millions of members—whereas Oscar only boasts around 140,000-150,000. This has led Oscar to lose revenue each year, as they struggle to keep up with their larger competitors.

The solution? Try to find more members through the Affordable Care Act. Because Obamacare incentivizes consumers to look beyond their employers for health insurance, Oscar is hoping that they can benefit from this. Ideally, they’ll be able to snag more members as potential members seek out an easier way to find health coverage without having to go through employers. This is important for those who are unemployed or for those who don’t have insurance options available through their job.

What this means is that not only is Oscar available under Obamacare but that the company also hopes it can benefit from this association. Those looking to sign up through Obamacare should keep in mind that open enrollment to sign up for Oscar is generally between November 1 to December 15, 2019. This coverage would come into effect the following year.

Is Oscar Good Health Insurance?

Is Oscar a form of good health insurance? Well, that typically depends on who you ask. But for the most part, many may find that they don’t recommend Oscar to those who are looking for quality insurance.


As we’ve seen, Oscar comes with a number of limitations, mostly in terms of its coverage and availability. The truth is that because of this, many find that they are unable to get the coverage they need.

That’s not to say that the company doesn’t have potential. With its forward-thinking approach, it may grow to become a quality health insurance option for people in the future. Before this happens, however, it’s going to need to increase its coverage and availability, as well as improve its pricing structure. Without doing this, it may find that consumers are unlikely to move away from their traditional options, as they want to stick with something they know they can trust.

How Does Oscar Health Insurance Work?

Understanding how to use Oscar health insurance isn’t difficult. For starters, you’ll need to sign up on their website—which is something that isn’t very difficult to do.

Before you do that, though, make sure that you have a solid understanding of the different insurance plans offering through Oscar. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve chosen the plan that’s right for you. To know the different options that are available, refer to the guide above. For more information, you can check out Oscar’s official website or speak with a representative. In this way, you can be prepared to choose a plan that fits both your budget and your medical necessities.

Once you’ve signed up for your health insurance plan—usually during open enrollment—you’ll then receive your concierge team and membership information. Typically, your coverage won’t start until the next year—in January—and then you’ll need to meet your insurance requirements. Depending on the plan that you choose, you’ll have different deductibles to meet before your insurance coverage kicks in.

Is Oscar Health Insurance a PPO?

Oscar Health Insurance cannot be classified as a traditional PPO. Instead, it offers a hybrid of PPO and HMO models. The result is an EPO, which in many ways functions the same was an HMO. The difference is that EPOs have smaller networks and will only cover in-network services.

That being said, there are advantages to the EPO model. For instance, those who are looking to see a specialist do not need to get a referral from their primary care doctor first. Instead, they have the ability to directly see a specialist without losing their insurance coverage. This proves important for many who are looking to cut down on their medical costs and the frustrations of seeking specialty care.

Who Owns Oscar Health?

Oscar Health Insurance is a privately-owned company that was founded in 2012. Currently, the staff boasts some big names in the industry, as the company looks to become a real competitor in the insurance market.

To do this, they’ve hired a talented staff, with Mario Schlosser as the current CEO. Schlosser has been in this role since 2015 and has helped guide the company through several reforms that are designed to make it more transparent and accessible to consumers.

Other talented staff members include: Joel Klein, Chief Policy and Strategy Officer; Brian West, Chief Financial Officer; Sara Rowghani, VP of Marketing; Alan Warren, technology chief; Anne Espiritu, VP of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility; Deena Gianoncelli, Chief People Officer; and Dennis Weaver, Chief Clinical Officer.

This staff has worked to make grow Oscar’s presence in the healthcare industry, making it a more popular option for consumers. In doing so, they’ve grown the membership base to about 145,000 people—a number that still lags far behind major players in the market.

Who Founded Oscar Insurance?

Oscar Insurance was founded by three friends and classmates who attended Harvard Business School together. Current CEO Mario Schlosser was one of the original founders, along with Josh Kushner and Kevin Nazemi. (And for those of you who are wondering “is Josh Kushner Jared Kushner’s brother,” the answer is yes. And if you’re wondering, “who is Joshua Kushner married to,” we have the answer for that, too.

his Kushner brother married Karlie Kloss in 2018.)

Does Oscar Cover Therapy?

If you’re wondering Oscar covers therapy services, the answer is yes. However, if you’re looking to have your therapy services covered, make sure that you look at your plan in detail first.

This is because you’ll want to consider the fact that you’re going to need to meet your deductible before these services are covered. Because of this, you’ll need to know just how much you’re going to have to pay to start receiving benefits. This may differ depending on the plan you choose, as some plans have higher deductibles than others. For this reason, it’s important that you keep your needs in mind as you select the plan that’s right for you.

Is Oscar an HMO or PPO?

As noted, Oscar is neither a traditional HMO nor a PPO. Instead, they operate as an EPO, which gives them certain benefits and advantages. Consider these benefits as you determine if this is the right insurance company for you or if you would prefer to go with a more traditional option.

Where Is Oscar Health Insurance Located?

Currently, Oscar Health Insurance is headquartered in New York City. The company has also been associated with Silicon Valley—an association that it likes because of its technologically-driven approach.

Keep in mind, however, that despite having a thriving online presence, the company is limited in terms of the actual service area. As of now, they only have service in nine different states, making them an unfavorable option for those who are looking for far-reaching coverage. And because they are an EPO-based insurance company that requires members to use in-network doctors to get coverage, this can seriously limit the functionality of the insurance.

The Bottom Line

Oscar Health Insurance has been labeled as “the new kid on the block” when it comes to health insurance. That being said, the company has looked to grow its market share since its founding in 2012. By taking advantage of the Affordable Care Act and the incentive to reach new members who are looking for non-employer-based health insurance, Oscar has managed to grow its membership base to roughly 140,000 people.

Despite this, however, the company has been involved in some scandals. Though they do offer a unique approach in much that they do, one cannot overlook their limited coverage options and availability. Because of this, the company may not be the best choice for most consumers. If you’re looking for quality health insurance, instead look for more reputable names and businesses that can provide better coverage at better prices.

Oscar Health Insurance NY: Get Insurance Online

Oscar takes on a more modern approach to insurance through their use of technology. They allow you to find instant health insurance quotes and make use of online tools. Oscar plans on modernizing the healthcare experience by implementing "telemedicine". Telemedicine is essentially using telecommunication and information technology to provide medical care from a distance. In fact, 63% of Oscar member interactions with the health care system are virtual. Furthermore, as Oscar is still a relatively new company, it is in the process of improving. Currently, Oscar works with 3,500 nationally ranked doctors across 140 specialties. As of the end of 2017, Oscar also offers individual and business plans in up to eight states including New York, New Jersey, and California. It may be the right choice for you if you have simple health needs and prefer an online experience.

About Oscar Health Insurance

Oscar started in 2012 as a response to Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Oscar is known for its technologically-heavy approach to health insurance. Many of their billing and documentation resources are completely online. Oscar offers coverage to 250,000 people in New York, New Jersey, California, Tennessee, Texas, and Ohio.

Oscar Health Insurance Plans

Oscar's Simple Plans are what they sound like. They are designed to be easy to use and understand. Depending on which plan you choose, there are a variety of premiums and deductibles. The plans come in different tiers: Secure, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To view these rates and coverage options in detail, see our comprehensive rate sheet.

They also offer a view service called Doctor on Call. This service allows members to forgo visits to the doctor and offers an easy way to get necessary prescriptions. Members can use this feature to ask questions and describe symptoms to doctors all over the phone.

To find a network provider, you can go to their website and enter your location and what kind of doctor you need. In New York, their network faced a drastic shift in 2017 when their number of providers was cut in half. Naturally, this led to a lot of criticism concerning the reduced network and increased prices. However, they maintain that this was in an effort to narrow their coverage down to the best providers in the city. Under their coverage, you don't need a referral to see a specialist (except alternate care providers).

Furthermore, members may submit claims directly to Oscar via their online portal. Again, this paperless documentation system is all part of their technology-based approach.

Rates and Pricing oscar insurance rates nyc

Not unlike other insurance companies,  Oscar's rates differ by tier. Platinum has the highest premiums while bronze and secure have the lowest. The difference in prices is due to the plans' differing deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and coverage amounts.

Something unique to Oscar is their tendency to offer cash incentives to promote healthy lifestyles among members. In 2014, for example, they incentivized members to wear a fitness tracker they provided. They also have used a cash incentive to encourage members to get flu shots.

For more details on Oscar's pricing and rates, visit our Oscar rates sheet. Or feel free to compare their rates to other group health insurance companies. Oscar also offers catastrophic insurance for people around $170 a month. To learn more and get an online quote, visit our blog post on catastrophic insurance.


Oscar Health Insurance Reviews

On The Better Business Bureau (BBB), Oscar has 1.5 stars, but an A- rating. They have 17 complains filed against them in the last three years, 2 of which have not been addressed. In 2014, one complaint about pricey bills that should have been covered received press attention. As a result, their CEO admitted that they did not explain how deductibles function well enough to members. On Yelp, Oscar has 79 reviews and a two-star-rating.