2018 Oxford UHC NY Group Health Insurance Review. Pros and Cons

Oxford Plans Rate

TX employee must use non-gated Liberty or Freedom Network Plan.
CT employee cannot use the Metro Network plan.
NY and NJ employees can use any of the quoted plans.
FreedomPPO $40/$70$846.84EPO $15/$35$936.72EPO $5/$15$1132.29
LibertyEPO $25/$50$684.71EPO $30/$60$801.77EPO $15/$35$958.78
MetroEPO $30/$80$598.86EPO $25/$40$734.91EPO $15/$30$840.63

Oxford United Healthcare (UHC): One of the Best Health Insurance Companies in New York Tri-State area

The first sentence is meant to clarify the confusion of Oxford, UHC, United Healthcare. Oxford merged with its parent company, United Healthcare, in 2004– making it one of the largest health insurance companies in the US.

UHC, short for United Healthcare has been in the Fortune 500 list for 24 years and is one of the most admired companies in the healthcare sector.

UHC has a massive member base, around 115 million people, and one of the largest nationwide provider networks.

Oxford health insurance is the division that provides group health insurance for the small businesses in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Hence, UHC, Oxford Health & United Healthcare are tenically the same entity.

About UnitedHealthcare Oxford NY

United Healthcare acquired Oxford Health Insurance for 4.9 billion in 2004. However, Oxford acts as more as an independent entity in the tri-state area. Oxford is much more localized than United Healthcare but also has access to United Healthcare's nationwide provider network as a result of their collaboration. It has the ability to offer the countrywide doctor & pharmacy network via UHC. United Healthcare is a for-profit managed healthcare company serving 115 million people in 2016.

UHC Oxford Networks, Plans, and Rates in NY, NJ, and CT

If you are trying to find doctors who take Oxford insurance, you'll notice that Oxford has 4 main types of plans: the Freedom, Garden State, Liberty, and Metro networks. Out of these four options, the Freedom, Liberty, and Metro Networks are based in NY.

uhc oxford provider networks freedom liberty garden state metro



Let's go through these plans one by one to understand their coverage features.

Oxford Insurance Freedom Network: The Freedom Network is a PPO plan available to members in NY. Because it is a PPO, the Freedom Network is Oxford's largest provider network and offers a variety of plans. Under this network, members have access to over 57,090 physicians and 100 hospitals in New York. Members are able to see any provider who participates in the Freedom Network, as well as non-network providers at a higher out-of-pocket cost.

Oxford Insurance Liberty Network: The Liberty Network also offers coverage in NY but differs from the Freedom Network in that it is an EPO. This means members do not have the option to see doctors outside of the network. Under this network, you would have access to over 51,177 physicians and 100 hospitals in New York. Something important to note is that if you are in the tri-state area, you will have access to the tri-state area Liberty EPO. However, if you are outside of this region, members of both the Liberty and Freedom Networks receive nationwide service through a United Healthcare Choice Plus Network.

Oxford Metro Network: The Oxford Metro Network offers coverage in the New York Metropolitan area as well as New Jersey. Keep in mind that this does not include peripheral areas like Long Island. Members of this network have access to more than 28,000 physicians and 76 hospitals in New York. They also can receive care from over 14,500 physicians and 62 hospitals in New Jersey.

United Healthcare small-group plans come in tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. We recommend the HMO Metro and PPO plans depending on your specific needs. However, feel free to view all their rates in our comprehensive rate sheet.

Here's one of the most common mistakes you can make:

While these are Oxford's current networks, insurance companies change their provider networks all the time. Furthermore, the notices they send out to inform members and brokers frequently get overlooked. Sometimes, members who don't realize their physicians are no longer a part of their network so they keep visiting them. Later, they receive bills from doctor visits that they thought were covered by their insurance and end up paying out-of-pocket.

We've seen this happen far too often, which is why we pay very close attention to memos and notices from insurance companies. We ensure that our clients don't experience any unanticipated network changes so they can be prepared.


Oxford Insurance Pros: United Healthcare Oxford is one of the better insurance companies available. They provide nationwide coverage and have a great variety of plans to choose from. In fact, within just the 3 networks that cater to New Yorkers specifically (Freedom, Liberty, and Metro), there are over 100 plan options. Their HMO, PPO, and EPO plans are well-suited for small businesses of under 100 employees.

Oxford Insurance Cons: On the other hand, Oxford is one of the more expensive small group health options available. This may partially be due to the very extensive coverage they offer, but may not be right for everyone. On the Better Business Bureau, Oxford/UnitedHealth Group has an A+ rating despite its 1.5 stars from customer reviews. They also had 1,273 complaints in the last 3 years– 382 of which were closed in the past 12 months. Many negative reviews on any insurance site, however, often come from a lack of understanding of how plans may work. Furthermore, members may often overlook network changes that may lead to confusion and anger about why their doctor is suddenly not covered by their insurance.

Overall, United Healthcare Oxford is one of the better coverage options available, although at an expensive cost. Before you can decide on a plan, however, there are many things to consider like how to find a doctor, which provider network you need, and the rates for each plan.

If you need any help in the process we are happy to walk you through it. Feel free to fill out a quick health insurance quote form, or give us a call at 212-484-9888.

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