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How to pay your Oxford/UHC Group Insurance Online/Phone

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3 ways to pay for the initial payment. Us broker called it the binding check.

Traditionally, the hard copy of the binding check need to be received and we help our client took care of the rest, but the new online method which we have been using for a few months has been really convenient for our client, hence we decided to share it here.

How to pay binding paying directly online.

After we have completed your company group application enrollment with UHC subsidiary's Oxford Health, we will provide you with a cover letter with your group number along with the total monthly premium.

Oxford Group Health Insurance Pay By Mail

Mail your check and cover letter to :

JPMorgan Chase

4 Chase Metrotech Center

7th Floor East

Lockbox #10285

Brooklyn, NY 11245

* The cover letter and Group # will be generated after completing the Oxford online application.

* Please write the Group# on the "Memo" section of the check.

Instruction to Pay Your Oxford/UHC Group Health Insurance Premium Online

With the group number, (i.e ab12345, the first 2 digits will always be alphabets, which will be based on the first two letters of your company name. So, the Alan Baby Company will always have a group number that starts will ab, follow by the sequenced numeric number, in our example here, it is group 12345th, hence the group number of 12345.)

Next, click on the link below and select the "Don't have a login ID" button to register your group online with your group number and a copy of your check, as the bank routing number & account number is needed.

Next pay online.

Go to:

Click "Pay Now" on the upper lefthand side.

(Note: You will not need login credentials to initiate a one-time online payment)

Make sure you enter the first 2 letter in lower case !!!

Click "Continue to Payment" and follow the proceeding instructions

UHC/Oxford Health uses the same online Online Payment system for all their policies holders throughout the country. It is likely that it is not integrated with their system. So whenever you log in to make a payment, it will always display that your outstanding balance is zero.

However, based on feedback from many of our existing client, their payment system always got consolidated correctly with the accurate payment being posted. As you can see from the screenshot of one of my client's account, he just goes online to pay whatever amount he felt like.

However, the easiest way may be just to set up the automatic online payment online with UHC online payment portal here.

The most important thing !!! Get the confirmation record

Oxford Health IT system may not have instant payment notification yet. Hence, after you have made the payment, you either do a screen capture and provide the payment confirmation page to us. We will pass that to our dedicated broker rep to complete your enrollment process. 

Once it's completed, save the payment confirmation page & email it back to me. For whatever reason, Oxford has not integrated the payment system to the rest of their system yet. Hence, this manual process is needed

Once I received the Payment Confirmation, I will take care of the rest. (Below is a sample of how the payment confirmation looks like).

Please note, Oxford system took up to 24 hours for payment settlement, hence, if you can access the link that I set you with your group ID, please wait 24 hours, (business day) & try again, that way, it always works.

Oxford Group Health Insurance Pay By Phone (Contact Phone Numbers)

The employer can call 800-958-2257 to make the payment. 

Oxford Billing phone # (888) 201-4216

Kindly let me know if you run into any problems.

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