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Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer and Life Insurance

Finding a Policy Doesn’t Need to be Difficult
It’s not easy to find an insurance policy when you’re dealing with health issues like prostate cancer. Many insurance companies decline prostate cancer coverage, but at our brokerage, we are happy to help and will find you your most affordable option. Instead of trying to find a policy yourself, let us help you narrow your options. We are familiar with many impaired risk life insurance companies, making us well-equipped to find you the best rate possible.

When you’ve been diagnosed with a health issue like prostate cancer, it may change how you feel about having insurance and protecting yourself and your family. However, finding the right life insurance company that will look at your case with leniency can be very difficult. You may have heard that you can’t get a good health classification or that you may even be declined because of your cancer.

However, life insurance companies all view health conditions differently, and there are numerous factors involved in determining your rating class. We are experienced in gathering pertinent information to help portray your condition in the best light to insurance companies. From there, we are familiar with which companies are more willing to offer better rates to people who other companies may consider “high-risk” applicants.

We have high-risk experts on our team who can help you shop through all your life insurance options to help you find your best rate.


Elevated PSA Readings

A minuscule elevation of PSA levels is common and of little concern to underwriters. These slightly higher than normal PSA readings may be caused by short-term inflammation in the gland. Even a sudden increase in sexual activity or physical fitness can lead to higher PSA’s and these progressive life insurance companies are unaware of this. Many life insurance agents don’t know this. That's why we're able to find great rates for people with prostate cancer or elevated PSA’s.

Here are some other PSA factors underwriters look for:

General Acceptable/Normal Life Insurance PSA Ranges:
Age 40-49 up to 3.0 ng/ml
Age 50-59 up to 4.0 ng/ml
Age 60-69 up to 5.0 ng/ml
Age 70+ up to 6.5 ng/ml

PSA Velocity:  This is the measure of PSA changes over time.  A faster rise indicates a greater chance of cancer. An increase in PSA levels over than .75-1.00 ng/ml per year is of concern for life insurance underwriters, especially if this occurs for 2 years or more.

PSA Density:  This is the measure of total PSA in relation to prostate size. A lower density is better. This number is obtained by dividing the PSA by the size of the prostate gland from the ultrasound report.  A value greater than 0.20 will be of concern for life insurance underwriters.

Even if you don't have all this specific information, we can obtain your medical records with your written permission. The more information we have the more likely we will find you your best available rate.

To help you do this, we need the following information:

  • Date of diagnosis
  • At what stage was the cancer diagnosed?
  • What is your Gleason Score?
  • How was it treated? (observation only, TURP, Prostatectomy, Radiation, Hormone Therapy, etc.)
  • Current PSA levels and appx date.  If rising, previous PSA levels and dates as well.
  • Current Medications

Some agents don’t look into the details of your case, so they’re ignoring factors that might increase your chances of getting a good rating classification. On the other hand, we are specialized agents in high-risk insurance. As a brokerage, we are only interested in helping you find your best insurance options. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 212-484-9888 for some peace of mind in knowing you’re getting the best rate.