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Safe Policies Insurance 2124849888 – Times Square

We wanted to give you a quick update regarding our company.


There are no big changes for us except the fact that we have quietly added a new office in Times Square in anticipation of the sale of the building on our Wall Street property.

We have been working from the Wall Street office for almost 2 years now, the other location is our Flushing Office. We were forced to move out of our Office inside Sheraton Laguardia about 2 years ago.

At that time, our Flushing Common Office wasn’t ready and we had to set up a new location in the downtown area, at 110 Wall Street, which is quite convenient given it has a direct ferry from Queens but not easily accessible by car.

About 6 months ago, we heard that our Wall St office building will be sold.

Safe Policies Insurance – Wall Street

This is where we still are.

Hence, despite the latest breaking news, the landlord decided not to sell the building yet.

That is also why we have secretly added another Manhattan location right off Times Sq

Safe Policies Insurance – Times Square

Safe Policies Insurance – Flushing Commons

Also, we have moved into the Flushing Commons location, (inside Wu Law Group)

We only rented a small desk in each location, nothing fancy, but we have had a lot of movement lately.
The last thing I wanted to tell you about since finding out landlord’s sale intentions of Wall St. building, is that we have made an arrangement to just sublease for use of the building only once per week. That means we can access our 110 Wall Street building up to 4 times a month, during the weekday (from 9 am to 5 pm).

To be honest, we haven’t had too many visitors as most of the insurance matters can be done by phone, (yes especially your cell phone, as we have added the technology that allows you to sign your insurance paperwork on your smartphone)

We will keep paying for access to our Wall Street office, but please realize if you want to meet, you should consider coming to our Times Sq Office, which is right on Broadway and 41st Street, located right in between Times Sq and Bryant Park.

By visiting our Times Sq Office you might get some added benefits (oh yes, the building that I rented has free Beer & Wine)

The most recent event is scheduled for this Wednesday (7/31) and there will be a “Beach” party on the roof of the Times Square office building.

There will be live music shows, free food and wine, and much much more…

If you are interested, please come to our office building in Times Square to participate in the party.

There are tons of activities like free outdoor movies on Monday.

Please pardon me for not keeping in touch with all of your as often as I should, with that I apologize.

This is our latest location.

If you want to contact us via WeChat or WhatsApp…

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