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Hiring Work from Home SEO Trainee or Expert & other positions

#SEO Position

These are what we expect in our candidates…(From Jeff Bezo)

1. Standards are contagious.

Bezos says he believes high standards are teachable rather than intrinsic. “Bring a new person onto a high standards team, and they’ll quickly adapt,” he writes. “The opposite is also true.”

If a company or team operates with low standards, a new employee will often — perhaps even unwittingly — adjust their work ethic accordingly. He also says that high standards in one area don’t automatically translate to high standards in another — it’s important for people to discover their “blind spots.” Try making a list of your duties, then ask trusted colleagues to tell you which responsibilities are your greatest strengths. If certain things from the list don’t come up during the conversation, it might be useful to think about how you can up your personal standards in those areas.

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2. Set clear, realistic expectations.

If you’re looking to raise your standards in a particular area, the first course of action is to outline what quality looks like in that area. The second is to set realistic expectations for yourself — or for your team — regarding how much work it will take to achieve that level of quality.

Exhibit A: You won’t find a single PowerPoint presentation at an Amazon company meeting. Instead, teams write six-page narrative memos to prepare everyone else for the meeting. Bezos says the quality of the memos vary greatly because writers don’t always recognize the scope of the work required to reach high standards.

“They mistakenly believe a high-standards, six-page memo can be written in one or two days or even a few hours when really it might take a week or more!” Bezos writes.

3. Stay involved with the people you’re serving.

Whether you’re selling a product or service, it’s a good idea to make sure you never lose touch when it comes to the people you’re serving — no matter how high up the ladder you climb.

Bezos says he still reads emails from his public-inbox ( as a way to keep his finger on the pulse of what’s happening with Amazon customers. He says he believes focusing on what customers are saying is much more important for success than focusing on what competitors are doing, and he often compares customer feedback to company data to see where they misalign.

“When the anecdotes and the data disagree,” Bezos said at a recent leadership forum at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, “the anecdotes are usually right.”

This is a “Work from Home” position.


Anywhere in the world can apply.

A great opportunity for you to learn SEO.

We are hiring a few SEO trainees and or one SEO expert.

The pay will pay commensurate with experience.




We already have enough customers calling in. Please don’t call us to show that you cannot read or understand instructions.

New Employee Tasks (Click the link below)

Fiverr Task

SEO Task



  1. We will have a 1-week training/test session, to determined how proficient you are.
  2. Since this is a work from home position, we are looking not from the NYC area, where the living cost $$$$ is $.
  3. Pay is based on experience. (We need bi-lingual candidate, Chinese & English)
  4. Working hour is flexible, so you can be in Taiwan, Malaysia (Singapore & Hong Kong standard where the living may be too high, but if you are interested, apply anyway)
  5. We worked with Chinese before (inside China), not preferred, very likely running into firewall issues.  No hard feelings.

Submit your credential & resume here directly.


Primarily dealing with SEO content creation & social media management, keyword domination

Things to do, manage Youtube!, Social Media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, &, etc.

GMB (Google My Business), i.e. #LocalSEO

experienced with #SEMRush


& etc





安心醫保招聘 – (文員職位)醫療保險

文職人員 – 醫療保險

*工作性质: 兼職/全職

*工作地点: 曼哈顿/法拉盛 (時代廣場/法拉盛辦公室)

時代廣場地址: 1460 Broadway, Ste 5450, New York, NY 10036

法拉盛地址:38-08 Union St, Suite 9A, Flushing, NY 11354



1.  负责接聽客戶電話,解答疑難

2.  需有一定的辦公軟件和電腦知識(最好懂得用WordPress)

3.  需要運用一定的SEO技巧寫文章(可後期培訓)

4.  處理文書管理工作等等日常事務


需报税 ($15/小时)*前兩周試用期(無薪)




多名保險銷售員/Multiple Wuhan Virus Insurance Sales Position

Need L&H license, all 50 states.

需有 L&H 證書, 招聘適用於在全美50個州。

Wuhan Virus

Life Insurance with idemnity (i.e. cash benefits.)

Health Insurance – PPO – see English details for yourself.

銷售武漢肺炎保險 – PPO計劃 – 詳細可參考以下鏈接:



Chinese 中文:請點擊此處查閱

English 英文:請點擊此處查閱

This is a pure commission position online, the sales can be stopped by Cigna any time.

這是一個只有佣金的自僱形式職位,Cigna可能隨時終止此計劃 。






優化後的文章可以Google Doc的形式提交反饋(在職位申請表格中有放置測試作品鏈接的地方)

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