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Tips & Hacks for Best Smoker Life Insurance for Cheap, in NYC, USA

Nobody really likes to think about life insurance. Especially if you are a smoker. That’s why people tend to put off considering their options until they actually need coverage.

However, life insurance is something that we are better off being proactive about.

If you wait too long and are in an accident or develop an illness, it will become a lot harder to get insurance at a good rate. That’s why finding a policy while you’re in good health may benefit you in the future.

At Safe Policies Insurance, we specialize in providing coverage for high-risk conditions.

Usually, companies would rather not take on such high risks.

However, every insurance may have certain appetite for some This means they will either deny you coverage or charge especially high rates. However, we deal with these cases daily and know how to secure you your best coverage option. You don’t want to suddenly be denied insurance when you need it the most. Just to show you how rates can increase for “high-risk” applicants, here is a mild but common example. The table above shows the rates for different age and lifestyle groups.

Based on a 1 million dollar coverage


If you are aware of a condition that may make you a high-risk applicant, we can help. Especially if you have not seen a doctor yet or received a formal diagnosis. The earlier you come to us, the more favorable a rate we can find you. In essence, be proactive and get insurance now at a lower rate rather than later when you are hit with potential medical bills. We can help you find a policy for your unique situation. Just give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to help. For information on Medicare, visit our dedicated Medicare site, or get a quote right now.

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