Agentra Reviews – Is it legit health insurance? Really good or just scam?

First Off, Is Agentra a legitimate health insurance company?

Many have heard of health insurances carriers such as UHC, Aetna, Cigna, BCBS and Emblem Health.

An insurance carrier like UHC, which is short for United Health Care, has a market cap of around $200 billion.

Although UHC is also known as Oxford Health in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut due to an acquisition many years ago, it is unlikely that Agentra Health has acquired another company called Insurance Line One.

Our original article outlining Agentra’s fallacies was written in 2018, so it is due for updates.

Before our research, we had never heard of Agentra because it is just another insurance broker and not an actual health insurance carrier that can pay the claims.

What’s the Difference Between Insurance Brokers Carriers?

A carrier is another name for an insurance company. The terms insurer, carrier, and insurance company are generally used interchangeably. Note that people will sometimes use, “provider,” as another synonym here, but the provider is more often used to describe the hospitals and doctors who provide the health care services. So, if you’re going to use the term provider to mean insurer, you’ll want to clarify by saying “insurance provider.”


Carriers like UHC or Cigna often hire an employee directly to sell plans to the consumer. Hence, the agent can only represent one company.

A broker, on the other hand, is an independent contractor that carries a license to represent many insurance companies.

Using the above picture, I would assume that Agentra Health only has a broker license used to resell insurance plans from other legitimate carriers. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

For example, a legitimate insurance carrier hires thousands of employees to conduct business across nation or statewide boundaries. From their Facebook picture, however, (which may be taken down, after I have pointed this out) it is evident that the company only has 100 employees.

Is Agentra Healthcare a Reliable Company?

I first discovered Agentra through an existing client of mine who requested advice regarding a Nationwide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan that she bought.

Here is a screen capture of an e-mail that she received claiming that her health insurance policy cards were on the way:

Agentra insurance scam sample email

I tried to conduct online research to learn about this new carrier because I was inquisitive after never having heard of them before June of 2018 since I have been in the insurance industry for over 10 years.

Next, I Received a Cold Call from Agentra.

I suspect that they were able to retrieve my number from a new internet technology that acquires phone numbers during Google Searches and proceeds to sell them to several companies.

After I answered this cold call, a man who identified himself as, “Steve,” pretended to be a licensed agent from NY and started the conversation by offering me a $165 PPO plan that covers everything except cancer. Keep in mind that PPO plans are considered the best and most expensive plans; they typically cost around a thousand dollars a month.

See the real PPO plans here

There are almost no PPO plans available by any carriers in NY, with one exception that is not Agentra.

Out of curiosity, I asked for more information on the policy in writing. Upon hearing this, “legitimate agent,” Steve immediately hung up on me.

Any legitimate insurance company licensed in the USA is required by their state insurance department to provide coverage details in writing (under a requirement called SBC, by the way). His behavior seemed to confirm my suspicions.

Contrary to the promises they’ve made to provide full coverage, Agentra’s reviews say otherwise: (Screen Capture from Yelp)

Agentra Health - According to Yelp

More... Click here for more Agentra reviews from Yelp. (Agentra Health Solution)

two negative yelp reviews for agentra insurance scam

agentra insurance scam yelp reviews

agentra insurance scam yelp review

See Agentra Healthcare - Google Review.

10 - Agentra_Review.jpg

As you can see from the reviews, using Agentra Healthcare Solutions is essentially like not having an insurance plan at all.

Agentra Doctors Network is Nil, Zero, None - Agentra is not Insurance...

People who used Agentra Insurance say that they have been paying for coverage monthly without actually being enrolled in an insurance plan.

After further researches, I found that this so-called $165/month PPO plan is actually a discount card, which is a complete SCAM !!!

If you click on the above link, it is just a simple search on Google with "Agentra Scam". The top result return this time is from BBB. Yes, the good old Better Business Bureau.

Another Agentra LLC from BBB

From the search for "Agentra Scam", the top result is from BBB. BBB, start with trust. So obviously we can trust all the review from BBB, right?

What did BBB say about Agentra LLC?

First things first, based on some simple Google searches, I can infer that the company maintaining the website is the organization known as Agentra LLC on BBB.

Either bills never get paid or no doctor accept this Insurance

My experience tells me that the reason claims are not paid out, according to the BBB complaint is because Agentra Health Insurance is a Scam.

This theory also explains the reoccurring issue that people have regarding their inability to locate a doctor that accepts the insurance plan. Why would any legitimate medical doctor want to deal with an, “Insurance Discount Plan,” that is made from thin air?

But Wait a Minute, BBB gives Agentra Health Insurance a B+ Grade or Review…

This is off topic, but my serious head injury has caused me to shift my focus easily. I am curious why BBB would give Agentra LLC a B rating.

What ABC said about BBB

According to ABC's 2020, good rating on BBB can be bought. Consumer complaints on BBB seem to not matter at all to the company.

If you watch the full video, Wolfgang Puck was cooking for the Oscar Ceremony but still receives an F.

Due to Wolfgang Puck’s overwhelming success, it has occurred to me that maybe I should set a goal of also receiving an, “F,” from the BBB.

However, my small company has still a very long way before it can accomplish the famous F from BBB. Since the very short article that we post from July, Agentra has doubled its membership enrollment.

Agentra Healthcare Solutions Doubles Size of Member Services Department to Meet Demand

From another Google Search, one can review public comments and criticisms of Agentra to uncover the evil deeds Agentra has done to so many people. Even still, Agentra continues to rise to fame by using money they have scammed from others to purchase publications on mainstream media outlets like AP news.

Agentra products. Why are there so popular?

According to their website, there are selling 3 major products.

My Health Pass? From Agentra or Aliera?

Another quick search on My Health Pass online got us linked to Aliera (Click for review on Yelp). Same horrible reviews, same trick by using a call center employee to misguide an honest customer with, “cheap PPO insurance,” that is good for maybe a blood test kit.

Aliera, another company with a connection with David Linsey.

Who is Mr. David Linsey? (From LinkedIn)

Even if this David is a scammer, I wouldn't want to expose his presumed innocent wife & child.

Even if this David is a scammer, I wouldn't want to expose his presumed innocent wife & child.

Did I find 2 profiles of David Lindsey related to Agentra, click here for David L Oklahoma State U or click here David L from U of Texas Arlington?

They sure look like the same to me, if you happen to be one of David classmate, kindly help us clarify.

Agentra is now Health Life One?

About 2 months ago, a caller from NJ reached out to me because she had found our original article written in July. She called asking if we have heard about this company called Health Line One. In that moment, we hadn’t heard about them, so I did a call to inquire about their agency.

This was a major mistake on my part. So, if you do want to inquire about a potential scam caller, use the*67 trick to mask your phone number as private before calling out.

Health Line One or National Enrollment Center is likely the same scam group with Agentra. Click here for their review.

People Got Scam by Agentra

Confirmation of Agentra as Health Line One (from their Facebook)

Agentra FB page is now showing picture of Office with Health Line One.

A picture says a thousand words. So as of right now, Dec. 25th, 2018, scammers from Agentra have, “accidentally,” left evidence of Agentra also being Insurance Life One.

Since these pictures can be taken down in a second, I have to screen capture them on our website for proof.

I could spare the details about how I found out about Agentra as Aliera and many other secret names.

The National Health Enrollment Center has called me many, many times too. The last time I checked, one consumer reported being scammed close to 3 million and counting.

However, they just keep moving around, quickly setting up a website with little to no information, and calling innocent and honest consumers to sell them a scam plan that is good for nothing.

Tragic Scams: You Could Go Bankrupt

This isn’t something to be taken lightly. Imagine you enroll in this cheap insurance plan and decide to cancel your current policy to save a few hundred dollars.

Imagine next month, you get into a major accident. After getting hit with some medical bills, you may end up with a bill for a million dollars.

How Ironic

By then, when you discover that the policy you bought is a, “SCAM,” discount plan, you’re left with enormous debt and remorse.

Enrolling in insurance scams like these can lead you to bankruptcy and even ruin your life.

What makes these scams so dangerous is how easy it is to fall into their trap.

Despite these poor reviews, Agentra is still doing business. To make sure you are not a victim of this fraud, it’s important to know how to spot health insurance scams.

Essentially, these scams say they can provide full health insurance, but really give you stripped-down policies or discount cards, which don’t actually cover your medical costs.

Your Best Way Out Is:

  • Call your credit card company or bank to dispute the charges.
  • Report them to the SEC.
  • Share this with everyone, hopefully, a reporter - so their scam can be exposed.

This is especially important now that we are in the midst of health reforms. Currently, Trumpcare is slowly dissolving Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Con artists are using this transitional period to sell fake special or limited open enrollment policies.

This scam has been going on forever? If the FBI doesn’t see this, I may be murdered…

Did I watch too much of “The Blacklist?”


Beware of sales pitches that promise full health insurance, as you may end up with completely fake coverage, stripped-down coverage, or a discount card. As a result, you’ll end up having to pay most of your bills yourself or might have to delay medical coverage.

I wrote this to bring awareness to all my friends and clients about this potentially life-ruining scam. I wish I had recorded my conversation with this company to be able to report them to the NY State Insurance Department.

No, you don’t call Red…

AKA Raymond Reddington on this, but that would be nice.

You Need to Remember – KISS

They have all the following, but to KISS (Keep It Simple Stu***), when it sounded too good to be true, it probably was.

Other than too good to be true, you might find the following useful…

Invasive Sales Pitch: The lack of a company name or contact information, as well as an aggressive sales pitch, are markers of a scam.

Special Deals: A sales representative might urge you to buy a plan today because it is a limited-time offer.

Health-care reform: Often targeting seniors, some representatives claim to be from the government and claim that the plans are required.

The deal seems too good: The premiums will seem too good to be true. Signing up might also be too easy.

Evasive answers: The sales representative may be unwilling to show you the actual insurance policy or does not seem well-informed.

Associations or unions: You have to join an “association” or “union” to buy the coverage.

Internet sites: Bogus plans may have professional-looking websites that encourage you to buy “coverage” online. But the sites are small and vague about details. They may request your credit card or bank account numbers but don’t let you see the policy beforehand.

Slow response: You don’t receive your insurance card or policy promptly after signing up.

Payment delays: The hospital may not receive your payments and the insurance company may blame this on processing errors or glitches.

The “federal oversight” con: Some plans lie that they don’t require state licenses because the plan is regulated by federal law.

Some content of this article was based on

Fightback or At Least Protect Yourself

Use *67 if you ever want to inquire about something, anything. I cannot believe this myself, however, according to this website, 5 Billion with a B of spam robocalls were made just in the November alone.

Watch out for your credit card & other pertinent information

Imagine that you have unfortunately given these scammers all your SSN, DOB & Credit Card or bank account information. These scammers can do a lot more harm than just taking a few hundred dollars from you.

Lastly, I Want to Thank America

20+ years ago, I was very blessed. I was in a life-threatening auto accident that kept me in the hospital and in rehab for a year. Yet, I am still able to kick and run.

I do agree that the Medical Insurance in this country is out of control, costing too much.

However, we are very limited in our capability. Yet, scamming people is something that I am not able to stand for and will expose.

Disclaimer, we are an NY Based Insurance Broker. We got so many Robocalls that we will not pick up calls if our call screener app determines it to be a spam call.

Realistically, there aren’t many health insurance brokers around. We only get to make 3-4% on commercial insurance and almost nothing for the personal health insurance market.

With a home & car insurance, a P&C broker can make up to 10%. I really wish that I had chosen a different line as what we are making now might not even cover rent.

Please keep in mind these scams when people call you and it sounds to good to be true, beware.

If we didn’t get to pick up your phone…

If you ever call us & we didn’t pick it up, my sincerest apology to you. Also, we can always be reached via email

Text message us by clicking here:

Last but not least,  if this article has benefited you, kindly give us a 5 stars review on Google. Click here.


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